The Hidden Christ: Beneath the Surface of the Old Testament

The Hidden Christ Beneath the Surface of the Old Testament What if I don t like the Old Testament Author James L Ferrell admits that he used to ask himself that question However there came a time in his life when he discovered what he had been missing and a

  • Title: The Hidden Christ: Beneath the Surface of the Old Testament
  • Author: James L. Ferrell
  • ISBN: 9781590384770
  • Page: 252
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The Hidden Christ: Beneath the Surface of the Old Testament

    What if I don t like the Old Testament Author James L Ferrell admits that he used to ask himself that question However, there came a time in his life when he discovered what he had been missing, and at that point he absolutely fell head over heals in love with the book But I had to discover something before I fell in love, he writes I had to discover that the m What if I don t like the Old Testament Author James L Ferrell admits that he used to ask himself that question However, there came a time in his life when he discovered what he had been missing, and at that point he absolutely fell head over heals in love with the book But I had to discover something before I fell in love, he writes I had to discover that the most powerful messages about the gospel and about life lie hidden just below the surface of the stories in the book When I learned to ask questions that penetrated the surface, the Old Testament opened up to reveal a wonderland of inspiring truth and practical insight The Hidden Christ is the author s journey of discovery within the Old Testament, a journey that led him to find Christ in every story, every personality, every occurrence presented in that foundational work of scripture This innovative and invigorating book explores many of these similitudes in depth, offering a perspective that illuminates Old Testament passages in surprising new ways.Here is the table of contents PART ONE CHRIST AND THE FOUNDATION OF THE WORLDChapter 1 The Parallel CreationChapter 2 The Fall and Redemption of AgencyChapter 3 God and Man after the FallPART TWO CHRIST AND THE PATRIARCHSChapter 4 Exploring the Abrahamic CovenantChapter 5 Another Look at Abraham and IsaacChapter 6 Christ and the Patriarchal OrderPART THREE CHRIST AND THE HOUSE OF ISRAELChapter 7 Temporal and Spiritual Salvation through JosephChapter 8 The Exodus Deliverance through the DelivererChapter 9 The Temple As the Way of Escape and ReturnChapter 10 Understanding the Law of MosesChapter 11 Discovering DeuteronomyChapter 12 Early Years in the Promised Land The Pattern of Fall and RedemptionChapter 13 Samuel and the Messianic KingdomChapter 14 David, Saul, Jonathan, and the Allegory of SalvationChapter 15 The Houses of the Kings and the House of the LordChapter 16 Elijah and the Four Great SeparationsChapter 17 The Lord s Question to JonahChapter 18 The House of Israel As a Type and ShadowChapter 19 The Dispensations of the Lord s PeoplePART FOUR CHRIST AND THE WRITINGSChapter 20 Job, David, and the Suffering of the LordChapter 21 The Wisdom of the ScripturesChapter 22 The Old Testament s Unified Testimony

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      252 James L. Ferrell
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    One thought on “The Hidden Christ: Beneath the Surface of the Old Testament

    1. Rebecca

      I feel like I'm better than average at understanding meaning and symbolism in the scriptures, but James Ferrell has some incredible insights and helps to fine tune some of my Gospel comprehension. And MOST wonderfully, he didn't try to fictionalize his ideas like he did in The Peacegiver (which, as a novel, irritated me). Combining his thoughts from both The Peacegiver and The Hidden Christ, here are two insights I have most appreciated:1. It doesn't matter if the person who has offended you des [...]

    2. Celestia

      Ferrell amazes me with his scholarly ability to keep track of the details of so many characters in the Old Testament. He has such a great mind for picking up on symbols and linking them to the Savior. In this book he shows how at least 15 or so characters are key similitudes of the Savior Jesus Christ because of their traits that are similar to Christ's. Appendix A sums all that up. He also lists the ancient temple, the House of Israel, and the trait of wisdom as symbolic of Jesus and why. No wa [...]

    3. Becky

      I liked his insights and he looked at the OT stories from a different and helpful angle. It would be invaluable to an OT teacher as it contains the approaches he used when teaching his ward Gospel Doctrine Class. It makes for a great book to read along with the Church Course of Study and gives a little food for thought. I felt it was doctrinally correct and edifying.A nice change from a verse by verse commentary, although of those I like David Ridges very much.

    4. Marie

      I am reading this again for the 3rd time. It has so many insights about the Old Testament and how virtually every event/experience/story in that book is a type of the Savior. It changes how you see the Old Testament when you come to know that He is Jehovah in that book as well as Jesus Christ the Savior in all scripture. Wonderful book.

    5. Heather

      This is really quite a remarkable book. It helped me to see and understand the Old Testament better, particularly making the point that everything within the Old Testament teaches and testifies of Christ - that is the main mission and goal and purpose, if we will search and seek to understand, we will come to know Him. He is there and each lesson is so applicable to us today! What an amazing blessing and opportunity! As Ferrell points out all each story points to Christ - the creation, the fall, [...]

    6. Chad

      This is a must-read if you’ve ever felt swamped when trying to read the Old Testament. For me, I have trouble consistently finding meaning and applicability in the OT. The chapters that are more narrative in form, but I usually reduce it to familiar messages and stories rather than finding new elements. Other parts give you warm fuzzies (Psalms), others I tend to skip large portions due to long genealogies, or rituals (Leviticus), and some I just don’t know where to start (Isaiah). This book [...]

    7. Jon

      This is such a great read. I found it fascinating and inspiring to learn about the multitude of ways that the Old Testament testifies of Christ, his mission, and his role.

    8. Laura

      Was not able to make it past the 2nd chapter since it uses text other than the Bible. I'm sure for anyone that is a believer in the Latter Day Saints it would be fine.

    9. David Nishimoto

      Jame Ferrell is right on! I've read alot of books in my life and Farrel's books are impactful. I was being instructed by my stake leader and he was telling about how he used the "Peacegiver" for one of his clients to help her overcome the pain of divorce and to start the forgiveness process. As the leader talked about forgiveness and Christ, I felt a deep relief from my own pain. I asked him after the meeting about the book and received a very positive recommendation for the "PeaceGiver".I happe [...]

    10. Nicole

      I guess it is time to move this book to READ instead of CURRENTLY READING. I've read MOST of this book, and I LOVE IT! Last year I determined to read the entire old testament, I'm still working on it, but The H.C. has helped me see Christ in the OT. Rather than being an entire book on one subject, it travels with you through the old testament with different paralels and analogies and topics found in the different books. He has a great chapter on how the tabernacle paralels the temple of today an [...]

    11. Rebecca

      I recommend this book. The author certainly did his research well. It is very factual and the information presented is fascinating. There are some great footnotes, too - as well as appendices. I had to read a chapter at a time because there was so much information to digest. It was also good to think about the things that the author presented. It is not a "page turner". It took me weeks to finish. The entire book is about how the Old Testament reveals types and shadows of the Savior, Jesus Chris [...]

    12. Darryl

      This is one of my favorite books now. It shows how the life and teachings of Christ were prophetically taught throughout the stories and structure of the Old Testament. This book has quite a few examples that I had never considered before. The Book of Mormon is still my favorite guide to the Bible, but this book does well at showing how Jesus Christ was taught to His people before He lived on earth.I should make it clear that I don't like this book just because it has a few new little things to [...]

    13. JulesQ

      Many of the ideas in the book were paradigm-shiftingly insightful, I'm not even kidding. I particularly liked his chapter on Isaiah and the wrap up chapter, but throughout, Ferrell makes a wonderful case for a temporally broad reading of the Old Testament that actually made me think about the gospel is a much grander way.I don't love Ferrell's literary style, however, so I cannot fully embrace that fifth star. There's nothing particularly lacking about it, I just don't love it.Relatedly, if anyo [...]

    14. Rachelle

      SO, SO, SO GOOD! Keep this right by your scriptures when studying the OT, and if you aren't studying the OT, your really should. It is all about CHRIST! And Ferrell shows you how the entire story of Christ is right there in the OT, not just in prophesies, but in types and shadows. I have learned SO much about our Savior and my my personal relationship with him has grown so much stronger as I have come to understand Him and his nature and purpose, and most of all how the atonement works. He shows [...]

    15. Nikie Elwood

      I really enjoyed James Farrell's The Peacegiver and The Holy Secret. Both fictional stories founded on scriptural doctrine of forgiveness, repentance and the atonement. The Hidden Christ is non-fiction, and although easy to read, it is not a quick read. In this book, Ferrell points out the many hidden allegories found in the Old Testament that point to Jesus Christ. It was fascinating. I was familiar with some but was surprised by others that I had never thought of. It really made me look at the [...]

    16. Spencer

      Very good book that beautifully demonstrates the way in which the Old Testament testifies of Christ throughout the entire book. I learned more about the Old Testament reading this book than everything I knew beforehand (which, sadly, isn't saying a whole lot). This book wasn't as easy to read as Ferrell's other two books (Peacegiver, Holy Secret - which are both fantastic!), because it wasn't told in a narrative format. Still, it was a very enjoyable book and I would highly recommend it to every [...]

    17. Elaine

      I'm so excited to read this book for a few reasons.I was honored to be one of a handful of TOFW book club leaders who got to read a rough draft of the manuscript and give some feedback. This was several years ago. When the book was published this year, the company sent me a kind email offering to send me a free copy! I was SO excited to receive it! He is one of my favorites!I'm also excited to read this during 2010 so that I can better understand the Old Testament during Gospel Doctrine (Sunday [...]

    18. Connie

      James Ferrell is amazing and I loved this book just a smidge less than Peacegiver. This is book that does not follow the narrative format of his other books, but it is still fascination because of the insights offered. My favorite chapter was on Joseph and the parallel journey with Christ. It is fascinating to find the parallels of Christ below the surface of the stories and has given me a desire to study more thoroughly.

    19. Malea

      It is a well written, somewhat dry background to the Old Testament stories and how they parallel or symbolize the Savior. I am so grateful that I read this book. I am able to appreciate the Old Testament in a new way. I feel as if breath has been breathed into a book that I thought was dead to spiritual insights and/or information. I enjoy Mr. Ferrell's writing and I hope he continues to write many more novels.

    20. Taressa

      I am loving this book is taking me a while to get through it. I read a chapter and then have to digest what I just read. I am taking notes and cross referencing so it will be a while before I finish this book. I find myself often going back to reread chapters to make sure I am grasping the concepts. The teachings about the Old Testament are deeply profound and I am so enlightened by the symbolism.

    21. Lisa

      Finally! It took a long time, but my scriptures are sure marked up! :) It is amazing to me how he opened the scriptures and showed how Christ is so central to the whole OT. On every page, in every story Christ is the focus. I especially enjoyed the story of Joseph and the different meanings of his 2 visionsI mean, who thinks like that? He had two visions, move on. But, wow! It has changed my perspective of the OT and really made it more meaningful.

    22. Renae

      I am just beginning this book but am excited to read more along with my scripture study! This author is a very humble man. He actually wrote most of this book before the other two books. He also states in the introduction that this writing is more of a personal journey and invites us to grow to learn to love the Old Testament as you would rediscover an old and cherished friend. I like that approach very inviting.

    23. Catherine

      I enjoyed this book as much as "The Peacegiver", James Ferrell's previous book. In this book, Ferrell shows how the Old Testament points to Christ's ministry over and over. As this year we are studying the Old Testament and I teach Gospel Doctrine, I found it to be very helpful. I appreciated that I gained new insights, viewing some Old Testament events through new eyes. The book is accessible reading and enlightening. Great book!

    24. Loni Spendlove

      A wonderful companion to the study of the Old Testament! Underlying the entire O.T. is a picture and "type" of Christ, who shows up in every story, every character, every message. It amazed me and brought to life the testimony that Jesus was the Son of God, the Savior and Redeemer which every prophet looked forward to throughout the Millenia, and of whom they wrote and trusted in for their own salvation.

    25. Diane

      Anytime I can learn more from the scriptures then I consider this a plus. This book does a fabulous job of finding Christ in the Old Testament. Learn how to see the messages that lay hidden in the scripturesat trip on the ark has the Plan of Salvation all over within the story. Elijah and Elisha are wonderful types of Christ and who'd of thought that Solomon could share so much of Christ in his wisdom and through his wisdom. Very insightful!

    26. LynnEl

      So far, I have read the introduction and the first few pages of the first chapter. Oh my goodness! It is soooooooo good. I love this book already. I have gone to the back also and gone thru some of his appendix chapters very interesting. Even tho Mockingjay just came out - I can't put down The Hidden Christ in order to read Mockingjay! This is a must-have book!

    27. Diane

      How many of us read the Old Testament stories and think, " Well, that is interesting." then just go on our way? James Ferrill shows us through several of the Old Testament stories how all things point to Christ, then allows us to stretch and draw parallels ourselves. After reading his insights into the stories I can now read them and say,"Yeah, I can see that now. Why didn't I understand before?" This is an invaluable book to read alongside the Old Testament. I highly recommend it.

    28. Sherrill

      I finished The Hidden Christ and was glad to do so. It is a great book with some very good thoughts but was pretty deep and sometimes his comparisons seemed a little forced. His premise is that the Old Testament is full of examples of veiled references to Christ. I am sure he is right and he has researched very well.I guess I need to school myself into reading books like this with substance instead of so many easy reads so that it wouldn't be a bit of a chore to get through.

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