Culture of Honor: Sustaining a Supernatural Environment

Culture of Honor Sustaining a Supernatural Environment What is true faith In Rediscovering Faith Dr Myles Munroe strips away the common errors and misconceptions surrounding faith to reveal the nature character and power of true faith or Rediscoverin

  • Title: Culture of Honor: Sustaining a Supernatural Environment
  • Author: Danny Silk
  • ISBN: 9780768431469
  • Page: 166
  • Format: Paperback
  • Culture of Honor: Sustaining a Supernatural Environment

    What is true faith In Rediscovering Faith, Dr Myles Munroe strips away the common errors and misconceptions surrounding faith to reveal the nature, character, and power of true faith, or, Rediscovering Faith Rediscovering faith trusts not in the promises of God but in the God who promises seeks not the blessings of God, but the God who blesses Rediscovering faith willWhat is true faith In Rediscovering Faith, Dr Myles Munroe strips away the common errors and misconceptions surrounding faith to reveal the nature, character, and power of true faith, or, Rediscovering Faith Rediscovering faith trusts not in the promises of God but in the God who promises seeks not the blessings of God, but the God who blesses Rediscovering faith will always be tested, but because it places its trust in the King of the universe, will always prevail under testing.Rediscovering faith, therefore is a triumphant faith that will overcome the world.

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    One thought on “Culture of Honor: Sustaining a Supernatural Environment

    1. Gabe

      I found this book to be okay and that is a averaged out assessment. The first half of the book that describes the biblical foundation and expression of Bethel Church in Redding California, and the supposed "key" to this "Culture of Honor" was erroneous and contradictive at best. The author, whom has a great heart, is not a good Bible teacher by any means. This probably stems from the disregard that Bethel's staff places on the importance of teaching as a gift and contributing member within the f [...]

    2. Andrew Strobel

      This book will be hard for somebody from a fundamental/cessationist/Reformed stream/view of theology and Christianity. If you have experienced more than what you'll find at your local Reformed or baptist church and aren't satisfied with the status quo of much of American Christianity, chances are you will love this book and it will help you understand a very small piece of what 5 fold ministry is all about. I found this book very life giving and foundational in understanding how to create a non [...]

    3. Hailey Whitman

      So I loved this book, Danny Silk: two for two.The principle of honor states that accurately acknowledging who people are will position us to give them what they deserve and to receive the gift of who they are in our lives.I fell for “Culture of Honor” in the first chapter, when Danny Silk illustrated a supernatural culture (and creating a safe space) by sharing a conversation had between himself, two students in school at Bethel, and their overseeing pastors. This conversation both astounded [...]

    4. Chuck Ammons

      Unbelievable! Incredible. A great read not only for ministry, but for finding how to cultivate an environment where the honor and dignity God placed in every person is recognized, celebrated, and sharpened. Great for parents and kids, spouses, friends, and especially difficult people or those struggling under destructive patterns. Highly recommended!

    5. Matt

      I first heard about this on a retreat, and the person who recommended it said so in such a vehement manner that I immediately picked it up. Well, I've finally got around to reading it, and while I believe Danny Silk, and to a greater extent the folks at Bethel, are doing some amazing things, this book just didn't hold its weight. Then again, he's got Bill Johnson to contend with, never an easy chore. Still, Silk does bring a lot to the table. I believe his enlightened views of how to create a sa [...]

    6. maggie

      I'm an Oswald Chambers, 'service as worship' (and thus obviously middle class) kind of girl who probably would feel fidgety in a Bethel meeting. I felt that maybe Silk has taken some good anecdotes and writings on various topics and organised them to construct this book. Some of the most useful material was obviously informed by his social work background. But there are some holes for me. So the paedophile who repents goes to jail but the long term adulterer gets to stay on as worship leader. Wh [...]

    7. Jim Waddell

      This book is awesome. It challenges the western church's emphasis on teachers and pastors and argues for a more balanced view of apostles, prophets, teachers, pastors and evangelists; the five fold ministries. Silk explains that we need to hold these five ministries with equal validity rather than placing an emphasis on teachers or pastors as the western church has mostly done. This is crucial to our understanding and practice of church leadership. Conservatives will struggle with this view as t [...]

    8. Greg Grunau

      This was a surprisingly insightful and well-balanced book, even though it challenged some of the long-held views that evangelical Christians have had on discipline. Many people are becoming familiar with Bethel Music, but this gives great insight into what makes Bethel Church culture tick, and how the 5-fold gifts interact with the supernatural work of God and the leading of the Holy Spirit. I got a strong sense that this is a "word and Spirit" church. Some great perspective to be had here! Ther [...]

    9. Elise

      Portions of this book really surprised and challenged me. It wasn't what I was expecting based on the title. And yet I was also filled with hope: there is good news in the ways of Jesus! I felt inspired by the ways the Bethel community is living out freedom and experiencing the kingdom of Heaven on earth. I'm intrigued by the idea that we are truly "unpunishable" in Christ and how we can respond to sin in our communities without punishment. I felt the book was a little jumbled, however, and left [...]

    10. Tara

      A thought provoking book, with will, hopefully, change the way I relate to people in a positive way. I occasionally found it came across as Bethal church has it all sorted, but he can only write about his own experiences. These examples were needed as a practical demonstration of the biblical teaching, I guess he can only write about his own experiences.I particularly liked the chapter on how we relate to God's blessings depends on the culture or class we come from, very illuminating.

    11. Lida

      This book changed the way about how to handle people who sin and my approach to sin. It made me think about what I fear and why and it compell me to know Jesus deeper and become more like Him.

    12. Rob Markley

      The only bit I really retained was the chapter on different approaches to money, which really was the odd man out. I'm not convinced by the way this dresses things up.

    13. Aaron Heinly

      Highly recommended because of it's tremendously important topic. However, throughout most of the book I was planning on giving it three stars. It seemed way too wordy to make the small (but important) points. It was a hard and boring read for the most part. BUT the last two chapters are soooo good. In summary, the intro, the examples of how Bethel practices honor when dealing with people who fell into sin in a few parts in the middle, and the last quarter of the book are well worth the slow and [...]

    14. Brent

      What if the church as a whole was not just another political structure, based on conformity to a set of rules and punishment for those fail to comply, but instead was something completely other?What if, for this group of people who claim to have the very life of God within them, external pressures like guilt-tactics, shame, and punishment did not assist them in growing more Christ-like, but rather distracted and hindered them from the very grace of God that would? What if honor rather than shame [...]

    15. Christopher Hopper

      This book is essential reading for any Christian leader, or leader in training, who is serious about having a meaningful impact on their region, and setting up an influential paradigm of service that pays dividends long after they're gone. Silk conveys great pastoral care with his insights into handling potentially volatile situations, expressing the superior goal of seeing people released to live Godly lives, not further binding them to their sin through shame. I know of no other book in modern [...]

    16. Simon

      I find it difficult to measure the quality of this book beyond the importance of it's content, as the content has been a sizeable part of my life for the past 4 years or so. Danny Silk has a light-hearted and approachable writing style, and manages to communicate complex ideas in a clear fashion. Again, because the ideas he deals with are familiar to me, I daresay this helps abundantly with regards to understanding what he is on about. Therefore, I can't guarantee that everyone will share that e [...]

    17. Tara

      This was a great book! I highly recommend this book if your going into or have a calling to become a leader. This book really will challenge notions that we, as a Church body, function. Some of our functions are based on a "pastor-led" mentality, which goes against the original organization of the church based on what Paul states in Corinthians. This book also challenges our ideas of personal responsible in the Church. The author gave great examples of the effectiveness with a "culture of honor" [...]

    18. Shannon

      I absolutely loved this book and believe every church and every relationship should read this. Many churches are missing out on so much because they do not understand Honor and do not have this flowing in their churches. Without this many fall apart! I love the story in the beginning how Danny the author of the book took care of a situation with two 2nd yr students at the School of Ministry. Most churches and Schools of Ministry would have kicked this couple out but how Danny implemented honor a [...]

    19. Matt "Hawk" Hawkins

      Danny Silk has given me a powerful mindset in leadership. From honoring everyone and not being so quick to write them off to setting up a leadership team. Being able to live in freedom and teaching in freedom instead of fear is a something that all churches need to value. We are born to live free and not in fear of God or the enemy. We try to make our churches or ministries more edgy or modern through rock bands and multimedia, but the mindset is still the same as suit and tie church. The church [...]

    20. Mike

      I think some things in the Christian life are 'caught not taught' and perhaps a lot of what Bethel achieves is better seen than heard/read about. I believe this man is powerful - and his other book/s are better - but this one didn't do much for me. If you're halfway through, know that the last half is way better than the first half. Lastly, I find it hilarious that he gives teachers (in the context of the gifts in a church) such a hard time, then he tries to write a book teaching people, and fai [...]

    21. Timothy Nichols

      This book is an absolutely fabulous read. The handling of Scripture is a bit weak in spots -- typical of Bethel, they tend to read their experience back into the Scriptures in inappropriate places sometimes, at the expense of what the passage actually says. This is particularly the case in Silk's exegesis of 1 Corintians 12:28. That said, I recommend the book heartily. The church desperately needs more of the stance of blessing and renunciation of accusation that Danny Silk teaches here. There i [...]

    22. Joshua Page

      Great book. I personally believe the teaching and layout was just fine. And I think this is another book that should be mandatory reading in any bible college or ministry school. This is the way Jesus intended to build the Church and it hasn't changed. Danny Silk does a great job in explaining that to us with testimonies that demonstrate. There is also must-know information on Kingdom Confrontation that will help us to confront people correctly to bring them closer to God vs protecting them from [...]

    23. Carrie Hokanson

      If there ever were a book that proved the phrase "don't judge a book by its cover," this would be it. As cheesy as the knight in shining armor may be, the truth within the pages is something we need to hear. Specifically gleaned a lot from the chapters about wealth vs. poverty mentality (and where the middle class fits in). In a culture that abuses honor and its meaning, this book is spot on for what we need in church, society, and among any relationships.

    24. Belen

      I liked this book. It really showed me a new way to act i. certain situations, that according to our justice, deserve punishment. I do have to put that in practice. However, I have to admit that there are some things that the author said that I want to double check with the Scriptures. I do recommend this book, the main teaching of Silk is a challenge to everyone.

    25. Brian

      The principle and heart behind the book is awesome and Holy Spirit saturated. God is definitely using those guys down at Bethel, and Danny has done a great job at summarizing what has been working for them. All in all, the title is almost self-explanatoryCulture of honorI mean how can you go wrong if you are in one and fighting for one? Solid book.

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