Shelter from the Storm

Shelter from the Storm Jason rushed out of the bishop s office then moved even faster to get out of the building before he burst into tears The moments in his life when he d felt this way paraded before him Derek s death E

  • Title: Shelter from the Storm
  • Author: Anita Stansfield
  • ISBN: 9781598118353
  • Page: 333
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Shelter from the Storm

    Jason rushed out of the bishop s office, then moved even faster to get out of the building before he burst into tears The moments in his life when he d felt this way paraded before him Derek s death Elizabeth telling him she didn t love him and couldn t marry him Macy running away His mother dying He reminded himself that Elizabeth had married him twentyJason rushed out of the bishop s office, then moved even faster to get out of the building before he burst into tears The moments in his life when he d felt this way paraded before him Derek s death Elizabeth telling him she didn t love him and couldn t marry him Macy running away His mother dying He reminded himself that Elizabeth had married him twenty years later, and Macy had come home He d found peace over the deaths of his loved ones but right now, the path to finding such peace felt impossible to traverse But why This wasn t a death or a tragedy It was a Church calling and a belligerent woman who just couldn t leave well enough alone Why was he taking it so hard Just when everything seems to be going so well, Jayson s life is turned upside down As he begins to question his own worth and worthiness in God s eyes, his doubts and fears threaten to tear apart everything he has worked so hard to build In yet another compelling chapter of the Jayson Wolfe story, bestselling LDS author Anita Stansfield creates a captivating story of love and loss and courage a story that will touch and thrill the hearts of her readers Beautifully rendered and deeply moving, this is a story about truths that often elude us It is an intense examination of both the vulnerability and resilience of the human spirit This is volume 4 of the Jayson Wolfe Story

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      333 Anita Stansfield
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    One thought on “Shelter from the Storm

    1. Elizabeth Midgley

      I am not sure why Stansfield write a fourth book. There was no point to it, no new happenings and it was the same old-same old. It was just revisiting characters and nothing new. I felt like it was the same things pulled out of her earlier books in this series: someone dies of cancer, someone gets hurt feelings, someone's faith waivers blah blah blah. What I really didn't like was how she had some great story lines in the beginning of the book, but didn't even develop them. She should have gone [...]

    2. Aimee (Getting Your Read On)

      Oh, ugh. I don't know why I keep reading these books. I have enjoyed many of Stansfield's books, I'll say that first. I guess I'm just tired of the men having these climatic emotional outbursts where they fall to their knees, sobbing in agony as their pandora's box of feelings come flying out. I mean, really?

    3. Kathryn

      This was a good book with a great message about how things can get us down in our lives and make us reflect upon what we really believe down to the very core. Jayson finds his way in being the father to not only Elizabeth's children Trevon and Addie, but to reestablish his relationship with Macy his now married daughter and then his and elizabeth's kids Derek and Harmony. He learns again to balance family life and work in the home studio, however, new calling are given and problems arise when a [...]

    4. Racquel

      While I still enjoy the characters and especially get a kick out of the music interwoven in the story as I also play piano and sing, the repetitve obstacles and church callings seemed to get shoved down the readers throat more and more, which made it more obnoxious in the long run. Also felt that there were perhaps too many details that bogged down the story sometimes rather than keeping it moving along. It also felt like the series could have ended well with the last book after Jayson and Eliza [...]

    5. K Lem

      I enjoyed this book. It is post drug rehab for Jayson. I was fascinated by her development of Jayson's character. He and Elizabeth are married. Elizabeth has some valuable insights about her husband. He is extremely talented as a musician but also extremely emotionally sensitive. Elizabeth's theory is that the two characteristics are related. His being more sensitive to issues that come up in life which cause him to cry more quickly and become offended more easily also allow him to create music [...]

    6. Spring Clark

      The ending totally sucks in this book!!! It is a lame way for the whole series to end. There are over a 1000 pages to have it end with Jayson jamming on the guitar with his stepson Trevin (?) and have everyone say how much he was like Derek and cry some more. (Please does anyone know men who really cry this much?) There is no closure to the problem with the lady who thinks Jayson is evil because of his music nor does it have Jayson going back to church and giving his talk with Elizabeth in sacra [...]

    7. Margo Kelly

      Book four of a so-called "trilogy." hah. I don't think she needed to write book four. It was very anti-climatic and paled in comparison to the first three books. It also ended in a strange place.I gave it four stars, because it was a feel-good book and I did enjoy reading it. I could NOT give it five stars, because there was too much repetition from previous books in the series and the book was only 225 pages. I don't like short books, but at the same time, I was glad it was over.It was a very r [...]

    8. Mandy

      Seemed unnecessary after the third book, she really wrapped up the series.rtheless this was a good book. My problems with it, why read the first three if she's going to catch us up throughout this one even using entire sections of the previous books, just italisizing most of this book was paraphrasing of the other books. In fact the plot of this book could've been added to the other books and this would've been unnecessary.I skimmed a lot of pages already knowing their backgrounds and read the r [...]

    9. Apzmarshl

      Still love this series.well because I just love Stansfield. This book reverted to a little too much pshychological angst. Too much talk and misunderstanding bad feelings happens after Jayson has to deal with a woman in the ward that thinks he is Hell bound because he plays rock and roll aka Satan's music. I liked traveling with the characters farther into their lives after everything worked out so magically.but this book just felt unresolved and a wee bit pointless. As usual I will still stick u [...]

    10. Sara

      It was ok-enough to read. I just loved the first 2-3 books in the series, but then these seemed to drag ond the *spark* and excitement that was in the first couple, was absent from this book. I still love the characters, and feel like they are friends that I know. Their story just isn't that exciting any more, and I feel like some of the dramas they experience are a bit TOO dramatic. I feel sometimes that the "comfort" that is given and the advice given in these dramatic situations are just supe [...]

    11. Larry

      This is the fourth book in the Jason Wolfe series which my wife and I have been listening to on CD's. We started the first book while traveling to Arizona for the Christmas holidays, listened to the second book on the way home and have just continued listening to the CD's whenever we are in the car. Fantastic series I highly recommend to all Anita Stansfield readers. I gave an overall review with the first book in the series: "The Sound of Rain" that you can read. We are now on the fifth and las [...]

    12. Sarah

      What was the point of this book?????? The main issue/problem in this book had to do with a ward member who thinks Jayson Wolfe is evil because he's a rock musician (don't worry, she conveniently has mental problems). Jayson struggles with this and wonders if he really is a bad person and if the Lord agrees with this woman. Blah, blah, blah. Throw in another person dying of cancer, drama and lakes full of tears and you've got a re-write of book 2. Just when I thought the series couldn't get any w [...]

    13. Amanda

      I am getting discouraged at this series.I'm not sure who the projected audience is, and the language that they speak is seriously out of touch (ie: She thought to herself, "What would Jesus do?"; conversation about what Jason does for a living with the YM presidencyI even thought to myself while listening to this "This is not a real conversation, nor would it ever be!!"; High water table. Seriously, If you say that again I will scream!). I feel like I have invested a lot of time into these chara [...]

    14. Christina

      I think I've lost interest in this series. In the beginning of the series, I was frustrated because this poor guy just had one major trial after another - enough already! I like the third one, then these last two lost me again. One thing I found interesting in this book is that one of the big things Jason is dealing with is gossip and criticism from ward members. It's different than the usual issues Anita Stansfield confronts, but a lot more common.

    15. Marcy

      This book was good for me to read. I could see things in myself that I need to apply in my life. It was kind of slow at first, but as I got into the story more I probably found more of myself than in any of Anita Stansfield's other books. So by the time I finishes I was really glad I read itinful as that can sometimes be. It's not always easy to see the pain in heart, but the one that might need the most work. Soumbs up. Good book.

    16. Melissa

      I'm sorry but this final book in the Jayson Wolfe series was LAME. I ended up skipping most of it because it just had a bunch of paragraphs from some of the other books in the series. I don't know why I read these books they are all the same- a sad man who goes through some series struggles and cries all the time and then the couple lives a perfect happily ever after life One more thing about this book-I think it ended the series suddenly without any closure. There wasn't even an epilogue!

    17. Judie

      I skimmed through all the information previously given in earlier books and very quickly got the point and was done! I didn't really think it was a necessary addition to the three earlier books. I still found Jayson very personable. I suppost the moral of this story is to not be offended when people are offensive. You know, if a criticism is true, then change. If it's not, then live so that no one will believe it about you.

    18. Deanna

      Aghhh. I'm not an Anita Stansfield fan at all. (A lady I know asked me to read it because it was soooo good. I groaned when I saw that it was an Anita Stansfield book and a fourth one in a series no less). I don't care to read contemporary books with nothing going on other than everyone is dysfunctional and every one's dying of cancer or drowning in lakes. It's not real life for me. Maybe for some people but I'm not even close to relating to these characters.

    19. Kathy

      This book wasn't as good as the first 3 books in the series. I still enjoyed reading it and will finish off the series with the 5th book because I love the characters in this series. This book felt a little like filler and was cut short. In fact it was 100 pages shorter than book 3. That said there are still some great insights I gained from reading this book and I would recommend it to anyone who has enjoyed this series.

    20. Linda

      While I enjoyed reading the other books in this series, I really disliked this one. Seriously, no one is THAT perfect or THAT religious. The story is the follow up where the boy has gotten the girl and their blended family is just so perfectly happy together. The 16 year old son hates reading, unless he is reading his scriptures. I am sure you get the picture. I found this book to be very poorly written and completely unbelievable and disengaging.

    21. Julie

      This fourth book in the Jayson Wolfe series got a little plodding for me and it seemed to move too quickly in some places and too slow in others. However, typical of Anita Stansfiels, I was pulled into the story right away and could hardly put the book down once I started. I hated the abrupt ending and I'm really hoping that this is not the end of the series. I will anxiously be waiting for book five to see how the loose ends tie up.

    22. Laura

      I love Anita's way of using social issues of our times with her characters. She has a way of relating to all of us on some level, whether through our own personal experiences, or others we may know and love. My only complaint is I wish she would have combined this book and the last book in the series in some way. It was a little much to have so many books in the series.

    23. Lacey

      I have no idea what the point of this book was was so long and boring! I don't know if I'll even make it through the fifth one. It's just as boring so far. That says a lot, because it takes quite a bit for me not to finish a book. I just don't get it. The whole book he talks about his "gift" and how has to share his "gift" with everyoneblah blah blah.

    24. Angee

      I really, really enjoyed the previous 3 books in this series so I expected the same from this book. This one was a little different. I enjoyed it and finished it in a couple of hours (1 sitting), but it just had a different feel to it than the others. And I was very disappointed with the ending. I didn't feel there was enough closure Overall though, it really was a good book!

    25. Beth

      Well not my favorite in the series. It took me twice as long to read as the others because I just lost interest. With Anita you always know that things will end all warm and fuzzy. I don't like that there are many unanswered questions in the end but I am not an author so props to Anita for foraging onward and sharing her stories with us that just want a feel good read.

    26. Angie

      I had to take a little break from my big book assignment and read a little "fluff". This is part four of a "trilogy" yes, that says enough. I read all four during our summer vacation, but I was a little irritated that she even bothered to publish it. That said, the first three were okay. I do think I've finally outgrown Anita Stansfield and turned into a book snob!

    27. Janae

      Anita is such a gooey, LDS, perfect picture type of authorIt almost makes me vomit in my mouth when i read her stuff, yet she has a way of strengthening testimonies too. I dont think i can gag down another. : (

    28. Melanie

      I read this book in about a day, I loved the direction the story line was taking and then blah, it just ended and it really didn't wrap up anything, I am disappointed because I heard that this is the final book in the series and if it is, I will not be to impressed with the way she left it.

    29. Vicki

      I think she should have stoped with 3 in this series. This one lacked content and spent way to much time going back over what happened in the previous books. Seemed more like a copy and paste type of work. wouldn't recomend it. Sad really, because I really enjoyed the first 3.

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