Admit One

↠ Admit One ¿ Jenna Hilary Sinclair - Admit One, Admit One When high school teacher Tom Smith meets Kevin Bannerman at a gay club he violates his own rule one night stands only But when the weekend is over he walks away reminding himself that he lives a de

  • Title: Admit One
  • Author: Jenna Hilary Sinclair
  • ISBN: 9781615810987
  • Page: 213
  • Format: ebook
  • Admit One

    ↠ Admit One ¿ Jenna Hilary Sinclair - Admit One, Admit One When high school teacher Tom Smith meets Kevin Bannerman at a gay club he violates his own rule one night stands only But when the weekend is over he walks away reminding himself that he lives a de

    • ↠ Admit One ¿ Jenna Hilary Sinclair
      213 Jenna Hilary Sinclair
    Admit One

    One thought on “Admit One

    1. Heidi Cullinan

      This is one of those reviews where I feel like I can say nothing or have to go on for an hour and a half I don t have an hour and a half, but I can t say nothing.This is a book well done, is the bottom line, and what I love is that it s a book only an m m author and an m m house like Dreamspinner will give you It has heart It has edges It will lift you up and open you up, but you will be okay when it s over It has beautiful, well written sex scenes which are, as they should be in all novels, vit [...]

    2. Yvonne

      Tom Smith is a history teacher in a conservative small Texan town who has carved out compartmentalized what he considers a safe life In the town where he lives people know him but don t really know him He has kept the fact that he s a gay a secret periodically travels miles out of town for sexual interactions with other gay men It is during one of these forays out of town that he meets Kevin Bannerman his vision of what his world is really like starts to crumble It is when Tom is back to his rea [...]

    3. Richard

      I loved this book.A stunning story of a man s life after surviving a violent crime and the wreckage that follows.But for me, it was mostly a story of transformation.From blame to acceptance, shame to courage, fear to trust, victim to survivor.No book since Nor Iron Bars a Cage has affected me as much.And it was awfully sexy and romantic too.

    4. GymGuy

      I have mixed feelings about this book I d like to give it 4 stars, but I just can t.Here s the positive It s technically well written and edited Unlike many in this genre, I found little if any grammatical or punctuation errors That s a good start The character development was certainly their and both Tom and Kevin seemed real It had a great opening and conclusion.Howeverwho was it who said Cecil B DeMille the three most important ingredients in a movie are plot, plot and plot Well, this goes fo [...]

    5. Lara

      Kevin had been born to make love to a man, the same way I had.This is the story of high school history teacher Tom Smith He has been living a heartbreakingly lonely and closeted life for the last 16 years He has lived in fear in his perfectly constructed life in the small town of Gunning, Texas since he graduated college He meets banker Kevin Bannerman during one of his every few months trips to Houston and through a series of coincidences his one night stand is now invading his personal space N [...]

    6. Adrian Anderson

      What a breath of fresh air this book has been after the last several reading fiascos No book is perfect but somehow the little niggles that may have been present in this book didn t really bother me at all Miss Sinclair and her editor s must really be commended for the lack of spelling and grammatical errors that all too often take away from the work in this genre.I found I enjoyed her characters a lot Kevin s relentless drive and refusal to give up, Tom and his tragically insecure past, George [...]

    7. Ami

      It s too bad that I will never had the chance to watch the Broadway version of RENT since I don t live in the U.S though I remember the movie I think this book, taking the spirit of RENT about love and acceptance of one self, is beautifully written Told from 1st point of view of Tom Smith, a teacher who lives a very closeted and lonely life , where he travels to other town when he feels the need to have sex with somebody Until he agrees albeit reluctantly to help with the RENT drama play in his [...]

    8. Librarian Kate

      Wow Just amazing This is the kind of story that reminds me why I love m m fiction so much it could only have happened between two men, with the personal and social dynamics that make m m unique I won t reprise the plot again others have done that better than I could, but I kept getting stunned by a phrase, a description, a conversation that rang so true, I felt I was in the room with the characters It s not a blindingly original plot closeted character meets chance hookup in his home town teache [...]

    9. Deeze

      I was not really in the mood for this when I started, but it turned out not to be the nightmare I d imagined The story of Tom and Kevin was sweet, although I do agree it was long winded in places It certainly wouldn t of hurt to cut the story by a 100 pages or so The long build up to Tom s past dragged in places and made Tom seem whiny But the big secret surounding Tom was very well written, and extremely emotional I shed tears lol Over all a 3 and a half star read that I m bumping up to 4 becau [...]

    10. Jeff Adams

      I picked up Admit One because of this line from its blurb Months later, while Tom serves as reluctant assistant director for his school s production of Rent, he fears that the show s same sex love angle will somehow out him Of course the word Rent jumped out and the book was purchase was immediate.I m so glad I did This was a wonderful, multi layered book.Tom Smith teaches high school history in Gunning, Texas, a small, conservative town Tom is very closeted, traveling for hours to Houston or Ab [...]

    11. LenaLena

      I don t quite know what to say about this book, or even how many stars to give I ll go in the middle or something It was good, but it wasn t good At least not for me The closest I can get to describing my unease with this book is that it felt like a made for tv movie While it wasn t quite 100 on a scale of 1 to Amy Lane, it was close enough that it felt like the writer really wanted to make me FEEL it Cry, you beeyatch And then everyone pulled through and banded together and important lessons we [...]

    12. Nic

      This is the story of Tom, a man with a traumatic past, who has put his life on hold for the last 16 years Kevin is the man who starts to break through the walls that Tom as built around himself Tom develops feelings for Kevin but is frightened to let him come too close In the past he has only had one night stands, separating his day to day life from his sex life He has not had a romantic relationship, or any other real relationship, since he was in college He believes they can t have a future to [...]

    13. R.B.

      First I d like to say that I don t want to discourage anyone from reading this book I finished it I m a little puzzled, I really don t know what to say Maybe only that With the number of pages I read I was and frustrated with Tom s behavior I didn t know what happend to him, only that it was ugly When I finally found out I was shocked I really don t know how I acted in his place I appreciate his progress and that he began to heal and to change his attitude slowly.I admire Kevin s patience and [...]

    14. Alby Krebs

      I just reread this book, and it still remains one of my favorites This is such a well written book, with realistic dialogue and wonderful characters, who experience real growth in the course of the novel One thing I love is the relationship between the adults and the high school students, who are the actors in the high school version of Rent The kids don t take over the story line, and the adults for the most part worry about them but keep their distance It is nice to have the perspective of the [...]

    15. Aiko

      You lot didn t see this 5star coming, after the rant party in my status updates, did you It s a long time since I ve read a book in this genre that have such a gutpunch to it as this one At points I was highly annoyed with the narrator, and I was infuriated with the community of the small Texas town But than that, the main characters are wonderfully drawn, the country is vividly painted, and the story is one of a kind It broke my heart and gave me hope I m not going to try and write a proper re [...]

    16. Charly

      A long, slow look at the change wrought in a middle aged man who falls in loveWarning This review might contain what some people consider SPOILERS Rating 9 10PROS The depth of characterization here is above and beyond what I have read recently in this genre The romance moves slowly, the characters motivations are revealed bits at a time, and the change in Tom comes about so gradually that it s difficult to determine precisely which external factors lead to which changes in his thought processes [...]

    17. Kazza

      The book is already well reviewed and the blurb spells it out clearly This is my take on the book.Closeted, gay teacher at a high school in a small West Texas town has been talked into the job of assistant to the director of the, HS adapted, musical Rent Said teacher, Tom, is beyond paranoid that this will out him in some way to the people of Gunning He truly believes that a neon sign will appear on his head saying I m a faggot, beat me so he tries awfully hard to convince George, fellow teacher [...]

    18. Shelby

      Here s where I run into trouble This story is fantastically well written and I enjoyed it In fact it s even very believable Here s the but though Even though I understood why, I still wanted to smack one of the main characters for 90% of the book It s the only thing keeping this from being a 5 star read for me Tom Smith has spent most of his life hiding his preferences and burying any thoughts of ever being able to have someone permanent in his life As a high school teacher in small town Texas b [...]

    19. Tara

      So I first read the blurb of this book a while back, probably almost a year ago I passed it by because the blurb didn t catch me, which if you know me is weird I work in theatre It s what I do, I have tons of friends that have worked on Rent either on Broadway, on tours or regionally I think the story of Jonathan Larson is a bittersweet story in and of itself But I was like, Rent In High School No thanks I know I got caught up in professional snobbery I admit it I have put this book on countless [...]

    20. Fangtasia

      If there was a way to give than 5 stars to a book, this would be the one I d do it for The author is brilliant She manages to give us a full body experience in this book I felt all the sensations described, the feelings depicted, without ONCE resorting to the tried and true approach most other authors use, which is a lot of telling with very little showing Just writing about it gives me goose bumps All the characters rang true, and great characters are what makes a memorable experience for me T [...]

    21. thelastaerie

      A really angst filled and realistic love story of small town homophobia I especially liked the mystery element in the story, readers know there s to the protagonist s past, but it s only revealed in devastating and full force at the appropriate time I would have given it 4.75 stars, if possible in this website My only minor complaint is that I thought the story might be suited in third person narration with single POV it s first person narration in the book , but this doesn t really affect my [...]

    22. Chris

      Wow This m m romance gutted me, because it was such a powerful read And yet I can t tell you much about it, because part of its power and impact is in how the story develops and in how things are revealed At the most simple level, it s the story of a deeply closeted high school teacher in conservative rural Texas, who very occasionally drives to Houston to hook up with someone but never the same someone twice It s a story of being afraid, of having extremely valid reasons to be afraid, and of li [...]

    23. Kaje Harper

      A really well paced story of Tom, high school teacher damaged both physically and emotionally as a young man, finally reaching some healing In Kevin, he finds someone who makes the climb back to living life and taking risks worthwhile The writing was excellent and the characters complex and consistent Definitely recommended.

    24. Shirley Frances

      Just wow Great story, real, lovable characters, amazing dialog and my favorite, an emotional and deep narrative I couldn t help but cry, laugh and sympathize with everything and everyone.

    25. S.K.

      I can t express adequately how this book has made me feel Suffice it to say, huge thanks to the fabulous Karen for the recommendation as this was amazing.

    26. Rebecca

      Dear God I really, really, really, really, really wanted to like this book, but it just annoyed and frustrated me to no end.The concept is fantastic Tom Smith is a 38 year old man who lives deep, deep in the closet, largely because he s a high school history teacher in a tiny fictional West Texas town He lives his life terrified that his secret will be discovered and his life and job he loves will be destroyed But, as a result, he s lonely, starved for companionship and sex the latter of which h [...]

    27. Fani *loves angst*

      A bit of a personal journey than romance per se, but engaging nonetheless Got a little repetitive around the middle, I think it could use some editing I loved Tom, but I had some issues with Kevin s relationship with his daughter, it was too casual and the way he had no trouble leaving her and her mother alone and go live as far away as possible after what happened to her left a bitter taste in my mouth about the ending The writing was very good though, it definitely stands above your average m [...]

    28. *~*~*Kael*~*~*

      It s official I m apparently in the irate minority DNF 50% Then there was aggravated skimming That s it I m done I just couldn t take one moment of Tom s selfish, self invested, self centred, whiny, and abrasive personality for one second This book is told entirely from Tom s POV and holy shit is it agonizing I felt stunted, trapped, bored, and ANGRY More to the point, this book is about HIM than his relationships with, well, anybody and I just cannot read through page after page of him tryin [...]

    29. Runell

      Actual Rating 4.5Admit One had been sitting on my to read shelf since the beginning of the year Not as long as some other books that have been sitting, waiting patiently for me to read them, and to be quite honest, if it had not been picked for a particular challenge, it would have stayed on there for even longer Not because I didn t want to read it because I really did, but I had this gut feeling that this book would be a hard one to read, so than the synopsis implied It would play with my emo [...]

    30. Wendy Ann

      Every once in a while, a book comes along that will stand the test of time and remain with you long after you close the final page This was one of those books for me and there haven t been many memorable, unforgettable, 10 stars, just WOW I couldn t imagine a realistic portrayal of a gay man s journey through discovery, tragedy, pain, depression, survival, coping, fear, loneliness, need, desire, friendship, hope, fear again, despair, acceptance, love, and dreams The author brought this story to [...]

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