When She Flew

When She Flew The author of Love and Biology at the Center of the Universe pens a new novel about faith family and finding the courage to do the right thing

  • Title: When She Flew
  • Author: Jennie Shortridge
  • ISBN: 9781410422835
  • Page: 344
  • Format: Paperback
  • When She Flew

    The author of Love and Biology at the Center of the Universe pens a new novel about faith, family, and finding the courage to do the right thing.

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      344 Jennie Shortridge
    When She Flew

    One thought on “When She Flew

    1. Jenny

      This is my first book by Jennie Shortridge, though she has written a total of 4 and I ve heard wonderful things about her other books While When She Flew didn t blow me away, it was a nice read and good story.When She Flew, a fictional story based on true events, is told in alternating narratives by two of the main characters The third person narrative is used to tell the story from the viewpoint of Officer Jessica Villareal A divorced woman in her late 30 s, with a sadly distant relationship wi [...]

    2. Yolanda

      I recieved this book as an ARC from Library Thing and at first put off reading it as I was into about 3 other books at the time.I picked it up on Friday and finished it Sunday It is fast paced and a very believeable read.The book deals with an Iraq vet and his daughter who are homeless and what the system of govt tries to do for them believing they know best It truly makes you think about what home really is and family and that sometimes in trying to do good the system actually does harm when it [...]

    3. Cara Lee

      This sweet and compelling tale is based on real events Its fast pace provides an interesting counterpoint to its quiet depth I felt so concerned about the fate of the girl at the heart of the story that I never wanted to put the book down When She Flew focuses on a life changing moment in the lives of two very different people a girl on the threshold of her teens and a woman on the threshold of middle age Lindy is a 13 year old girl who lives with her father in a camp in the Oregon woods Her dad [...]

    4. Robin

      Even though I have alredy sent this, I am updating for my Best of 2009 list, and this review goes along with Peter Rock s MY ABANDONMENT Both of these are based on the true story of the father and pre teen daughter who lived off the grid in Portland s Forest Park for four years but each author treats the story a little differently Rock s story is told in an almost surreal and disassociated manner and Shortridge delivers of an emotional punch Both are interesting and would be great for book grou [...]

    5. Cheryl

      Jessica Villareal is a police officer She enjoys her job, especially when she can help people Though, she seems to be at a lost when it comes to her daughter, Nina Jessica is at her wits end She doesn t know what to do Issues between her and her daughter will have to wait Jessica has a bigger situation on her hands Someone spotted a little girl wandering They chased after her, only to discover and she was not alone Ray, a war bet and his daughter, Melinda Lindy have been living off the lands for [...]

    6. Jen

      I was fortunate to see the author read from this novel and discuss the genesis of the book In 2004, a Vietnam War veteran and her daughter were found living off the grid in a large park near Portland Their encampment was clean, and the girl was 13 but read at a 12th grade level People were worried about abuse, but they were just a loving father and daughter A media frenzy ensued.What intrigued Shortridge was that one of the officers on the case, a single father, felt that they shouldn t be separ [...]

    7. Bancha

      Wonderful little book with real heart based on a true story A touching story with great characters who live outside of traditional means an injured Vietnam war veteran and his smart intelligent young daughter who were found living healthy, well adjusted stable life in a treehouse off the grid in a large Oregon park for 6 years and then what happens to them after they were discovered by the community and the system got involved the author guides us to really take a closer look at the homeless and [...]

    8. Linda

      I m so glad that Robin Beerbower recommended this book I did a little experiment and read it at the same time as My Abandonment by Peter Rock both books based on the same story of a father and daughter who had lived undetected for four years in a park inside Portland s city limits Shortridge approached the story from a cop s perspective, letting things unfold a bit like a mystery.

    9. Judith

      This was a book recommended by one of my Friends, Bancha Moon I was attracted to it because it s another version or another tale which grew out of a book I thoroughly enjoyed My Abandonment by Peter Rock, which in turn was based on a real life incident A father takes his daughter off the grid and the two of them live happily and healthily deep in the forests of Oregon until their Eden is spoiled by the establishment which basically doesn t want people living off the grid.This was a fun read but [...]

    10. Wendy

      The seeds of a story can come from anywhere a conversation overheard, the sound of a train rolling by, our own life experiences or even a story heard in the news Jennie Shortridge was inspired by the true life story of a Vietnam Veteran and his daughter who had been living in the woods for a number of years The daughter was healthy and well adjusted, home schooled by her father They had lived in the wooded park for four years, living off the land Shortridge s wonderings about their life began to [...]

    11. Kiersten

      This was a pleasant read and a quick one I feel like Shortridge could have gone a little deeper with the relationships She paints a lovely picture of Lindy as a much younger than her years sort of character, while also being wise beyond her years I love the spotlight on alternative parenting and poverty issues I love the message of following your gut Jess, the protagonist, could have been painted a little three dimensionally You never really feel her pain regarding her relationship with her dau [...]

    12. Lisa

      Jessica Villareal is a cop She s also a mother but she considers herself a better cop than parent and whenever she talks to her daughter she s reminded of her motherly shortcomings Regret has a big part in Jess s life She regrets many things, but mostly the over protectiveness of her daughter as a teenager that eventually pushed her to go live with Jess s ex husband, taking her young grandson with her She would give anything to go back and do things differently But when you re a cop and you ve s [...]

    13. Heather

      I will admit to being a little nervous when my friend Mary gave be the book When She Flew, by Jennie Shortridge Shortridge is a childhood friend of hers, and as a result I started worrying about what I would write here if I didn t like the book It never occurred to me not to write a reviewess I m a book blogger for real now Thankfully I enjoyed the book, and am therefore let off the hook of having to write a negative review of a friend which is what it would have felt like.When She Flew is the s [...]

    14. Serena

      Jennie Shortridge s When She Flew is a beautifully written novel about pivotal decisions and their unexpected consequences Told from the point of view of Officer Jessica Villareal and Melinda aka Lindy Wiggs, the novel shifts from the legal ramifications of Villareal s decision not to split up Melinda from her family and Melinda s experiences with her Iraq War veteran father, her drug addicted mother, and her new home The novel is peppered with beautiful imagery and a number of passages with bir [...]

    15. Florinda

      Actual events inspired Jennie Shortridge s fourth novel and provide the base for a moving and suspenseful story that explores family relationships, moral choices, and social responsibility.Police officer Jess Villareal s dedication to her job is one of the factors in her strained relationship with her daughter Nina, and her relationship issues sometimes influence how she does her job When her department forms a team to look for a young girl spotted in the woods possibly a runaway, possibly kidna [...]

    16. Ti

      The Short of It When She Flew is a gem of a little book This story gently unfolds into a beautiful thing.The Rest of It This is one of those stories that flows effortlessly From the moment I picked it up, I knew it was going to be one of those books As I was reading about Jessica and her relationship with her own daughter, I was struck with how realistically her life was drawn The life of a cop, a female cop no less the need to maintain a game face at all times, the pressure to hold it all toget [...]

    17. Cheyenne Bell

      When She Flew is a story of a somewhat emotionally broken police officer who discovers a little girl, Lindy, who has been living in the woods with her Iraq veteran father for several years Upon discovering the small, transient family, Officer Villareal has to decide whether to tear them apart for the sake of following the rules or defy her superiors and the regulations of the state in order to keep the girl with her father When She Flew tells dual tales that of Officer Villareal as she copes wit [...]

    18. Kath

      I was very moved by this book I didnt realize until the end that it was based on a true story The story of a war vet who has chosen to live away from society with his young daughter, providing for her by foraging in the forest, long walks to closest town for basic necessities and home schooling is very emotional and touching When the girl wanders too far one day and is spotted by someone, the police get involved When they find them, the law says the girl must be placed in foster care until they [...]

    19. Andrea

      This book is definitely a story about doing what you think is right, even when it goes against everything you were taught to believe And it really pulled me in and made me think I find myself going back and forth about whether or not Jess did what was right There is the teacher side of me that thinks that Lindy needs to be in the real world , at least as far as the education is concerned and that they need a real shelter But there is another part of me, that thinks that if her father is protecti [...]

    20. Dyana

      I roamed the library searching the stacks to find a really good book to read After reading the flyleaf I knew I had FOUND IT I couldn t put it down When She Flew was inspired by a real life event and is told from the point of view of two people a 39 year old policewoman and a 13 year old girl Lindy Wiggs and her father, Ray, have been living in the Oregon woods in a place called Joseph Woods Wildlife Sanctuary Ray is a disabled Iraq war veteran who took his daughter from his drug addicted wife W [...]

    21. Amy

      In When She Flew, author Jennie Shortridge creatively focuses on two controversial and often overlooked issues homelessness and child custody In basing her novel on a true story about a Vietnam veteran forced to live in the woods with his 13 year old daughter, Shortridge provides an empathetic and unique perspective into these issues through the viewpoint of the daughter, Lindy and one of the police officers involved in the case, Jessica Villareal When She Flew reads straightforward yet also pro [...]

    22. Bridget

      I have an Uncorrected Proofs copy of this book, and reading the little summary blurb on the back cover, I wasn t sure what I would think about the book, or if I would even like it that much.I think it was good, and I really liked it The story details a few days in the life of Officer Jessica Villareal, a police officer in Columbia, Oregon, who has always played by the rules She is estranged from her only daughter, who lives out of town, and as a result, she seldom gets to see her young grandson [...]

    23. Diane

      I had no idea this book was based on a true story until after I had already read the book Knowing this now just makes the story that much amazing and one that will remain in my memory for a very long time An extraordinarily well written and emotionally packed book that deserves a 5 star rating without question Police officer Jessica Villareal sort of reminded me of the character that Holly Hunter portrayed in that TV series entitled Saving Grace A cop who is just so down on her luck and in such [...]

    24. Staci

      Thoughts I was captured immediately with the description of Lindy s love for birds and her hope to see a blue heron I anxiously await each year the blue heron that visits my neighbor s pond I love birds and owls, so I felt an affinity for Lindy I was scared for her when the police invade her home and try to separate her from her father I m always amazed at how easily people can judge someone else and this book really made me stop and think about what is a proper home for a child Who makes the de [...]

    25. Justine Sof2014

      This book is called When she flew by Jennie Shortridge Its about Police officer Jessica Villareal, she has always played by the book and always tried to do the right things She has worked harder on her job then her family As she focuses on her job she is approaching a divorce, estranged from her daughter, now she is all alone and unhappy She felts like a complete fool for making all those bad decisions Then she meets a vet and his young daughter in Iraq She avoids all the comfort and curses of [...]

    26. Samantha

      Jessica Villareal is a police officer, sworn to uphold the law, yet her heart and mind can t reconcile what might happen after a Iraqi war vet father and daughter are found living in the wilderness of a state park What lengths will she go to help them stay together, and will it mean risking losing all she holds dear At the beginning of this book we see Jess struggling to reconcile her rigid thoughts on how others should live You either fit in or you don t and if you don t, then you might as well [...]

    27. Sarah

      This is the third novel of Shortridge s that I ve read and I ve loved each one of them She s a wonderful storyteller, creating thoughtful and compelling characters, balancing the forward motion of the plot with the emotional responses revelations of characters Told alternately through the first person narration of Lindy, the 13 year old girl who has been living for years off the grid in the Oregon wilderness with her father, and a limited omniscient narrator who tells the story from the perspect [...]

    28. Mary

      When She Flew is the story of a police officer who is part of a team who search for and find a father and daughter living in the Oregon forest The father is an Iraq War vet, unable to find work due to a war injury, keeping his thirteen year old daughter safe the best way he can The police officer knows that the legal system s way of helping the girl is not really in her best interest so she takes matters into her own hands.I liked several characters in the book, especially Lindy the young girl, [...]

    29. Kelli

      Just before picking this book up I watched my mother lose her mom I ve asked myself a million times how I would ever cope with losing mine Maybe that is why, above all the other obvious themes of this novel that the glaringly obvious one for me was the bond between a mother and a child regardless of the miles, and histories between the two That alone brought me to tears, than once There was so much layered in this book that it became beautiful and tenderly human It s a look at the spiderweb of [...]

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