Next of Kin

Next of Kin Lesbian Fiction Romance Crime Sequel to Conflict of Interest Sex crimes Detective Aiden Carlisle is slowly getting used to being in a committed relationship with Dawn Kinsley a relationship that isn t

  • Title: Next of Kin
  • Author: Jae
  • ISBN: 9781934889428
  • Page: 376
  • Format: Paperback
  • Next of Kin

    Lesbian Fiction Romance Crime Sequel to Conflict of Interest Sex crimes Detective Aiden Carlisle is slowly getting used to being in a committed relationship with Dawn Kinsley a relationship that isn t always easy since Dawn is not only a psychologist but also a former victim in one of Aiden s cases Aiden s private and professional lives collide when Dawn s newest patiLesbian Fiction Romance Crime Sequel to Conflict of Interest Sex crimes Detective Aiden Carlisle is slowly getting used to being in a committed relationship with Dawn Kinsley a relationship that isn t always easy since Dawn is not only a psychologist but also a former victim in one of Aiden s cases Aiden s private and professional lives collide when Dawn s newest patient gets in trouble with the law Will she be able to stay objective enough to solve the case without pushing Dawn away The same case also throws Deputy District Attorney Kade Matheson s well ordered life into chaos In the last few years, Kade has taken case files and law books, not lovers, to bed She has been focused only on her career and fought hard to win cases like Dawn s, but now the case forces her to finally face her attraction to women She suddenly finds herself with two secret admirers but which one is dangerous, the threat to her life or her heart

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      376 Jae
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    One thought on “Next of Kin

    1. Lexxi Kitty

      I received a copy of this book from Ylva Publishing in exchange for an honest review.Genre: Mystery/Police; Bisexual, Lesbian Fiction; Questioning/Coming Out; RomanceLocation: 99% - Portland Oregon and surroundings (other 1% - brief visit to Sacramento California)POV: multiple (six, 4 are more at 'co-leads' level (), other two are at 'side character' level)This is the second full length book in this specific series. I had read the first a good three plus years earlier - and hadn't immediately do [...]

    2. Jenna

      The sequel to Conflict of Interest, this book deals far less with the crime elements than the previous story did, and the relationship focus shifts from Dawn and Aiden to Kade and Del. Aiden and Dawn are still part of the book, but their reduced screen time is split between their relationship, an investigation, and their interaction with a new character; their relationship issues, while touched upon, receive the least attention of the three.Aside from a pair of flashbacks at the beginning that f [...]

    3. M

      Interesting but forced sequel. Jae always creates nice characters, gives them space to develop and slowly progress the romance. However, the stalker plot line didn't sit well (other than a device to allow the romantic protagonists to spend time together) and the pay off was like a bad episode of an 80's cop drama. Dawn has turned into this paragon of Lesbian virtue, Aiden rages and feels insecure, Evan and Laurel felt under done. However, the central characters of Del and Kadence and their devel [...]

    4. Det. Nidhi

      Great sequelLoved it!! and I'm kinda sad that I'm running out of books to read written by this author :(And yay Kade and Del. I was shipping them so hard and my little heart couldn't handle it when it actually happened * swoons *so I have a major crush on Dawn. Anywho lemme not be a spoiler. It's a great book and everyones gotta read it.😔

    5. Heidi

      This is book two of a series. Still like the characters and their interactions. The banter and humor back and forth is fun to read. I enjoyed the introduction of the new young characters and look forward to seeing their story develop. This book seemed slower paced than the first and dragged on in a few spots.

    6. Line

      I liked the book and really liked to know more about the characters, but the book was not quite as good as the first one in the series. For some reason it didn't flow or grab me quite as much, but a good read especially if you read the first book.

    7. MJS

      Conflict of Interest was a great book, so I was really looking forward to the sequel. Unfortunately I was destined for disappointment. This book was overly long, and not much happens.This books suffers from a few problems, the main couple from the original story aren't given enough to do (in fact this book doesn't really advance their relationship much at all, Dawn spends more time with Evan and Kade than with Aiden)There's the infuriating trope where the other secondary characters all pair up i [...]

    8. Rike @ RikeRandom

      Diese und weitere Rezensionen findet ihr auf meinem Blog Anima Libri - BuchseeleMit "Rosen für die Staatsanwältin" ist im Oktober nach "Auf schmalem Grat" der zweite (offizielle) Teil der Portland-Serie von Jae erschienen, in dem sich die Geschichte um die Polizistin Aiden und ihre Lebensgefährtin, die Psychologin Dawn fortsetzt. Allerdings rückt die schon aus dem ersten Band bekannte Staatsanwältin Kade stärker in den Fokus der Geschichte, genau wie Del, die ebenfalls schon aus "Auf schma [...]

    9. Gaelle Cathy

      What can I sayIt was perfect. I think I like it even more than the first one (Conflict of Interest) although it's hard to tell, Conflict started it all but I love that in Next of Kin, we get to take again right where we stopped in Conflict, or almost, and we still see Dawn and Aiden's struggle to build a relationship with the aftermath of Dawn's attack, but, and I really like that, in this one, we focus more on Aiden's personal struggle. The character of Evan was a great addition to that because [...]

    10. Ameliah Faith

      Dawn and Aiden Part TwoWhile this is a follow up to Conflict of Interest it is also a perfect stand alone. Months have passed since the trial that put Dawn's attacker away. She and Aiden are still getting used to being a couple. Aiden is having some serious self doubts. In the mean time Del has decided to pursue DDA Kade even though Kade has never been involved with a woman. Suddenly Kade has more than one admirer and this one wont play nice. To make matters worse Dawn's new client has ties to A [...]

    11. Al

      Indeed the story focus shifts a little from Dawn and Aiden, but for the fans of those two there is still enough to hold on to (unlike what some of the reviews here suggest).

    12. Alison

      On my Kindle this is subtitled "A Romance Suspense Novel" but unfortunately I found this sequel to Conflict of Interest seriously lacking in suspense. The characters were a bit too perfect (even the bad ones), their destinies a bit too obvious and, despite the length of time dwelling on their angst, their troubles mere diversions. Thankfully Evan throws in a few great sulks but even her moodiness isn't sustained. The villain is a token macguffin that enables an otherwise unlikely, and still slig [...]

    13. Anne

      I highly recommend reading this book by JAE. Five star ratings is not high enough for this book it should be a ten star rating simply because it is easy to read and get you involved into each characters life that you want to read on and on to find out what happens next. I particularly liked Aiden and Dawn paired together and Del and Kate paired together in the story. The writing flows so well it makes the reader believe in the each character because they are depicted as humanly flawed and wonder [...]

    14. Jane Shambler

      Impressed!I haven't read many books my Jae. But, I am becoming a fan fast. I read number one in the series and was suitable impressed. What I enjoyed most about the second was she didn't forget the characters from the first book. Instead she expanded the story and you get to know the characters more intimately. Although you could read this as a stand-alone novel, it does make better reading and sense if you read the first one. An excellent book, an awesome storyline. Now I need to read number th [...]

    15. Loek Krancher

      Excellent sequel.This was a great sequel and I loved how the relationships developed. Not only the relationship of Aiden but also of Del. It was great to see how the wall that Kade had built up all these years, was demolished brick by brick. I loved all the main characters but Evan has a special place in my heart. The story is very well written and it captivates you from the beginning.

    16. Sarah

      Truly amazing story. I wanted to know about the other people in their lives and I finally got to find out. The sister was mind blowing but as the story went on I kind of figured. I think it's really funny because they are just alike, whether they want to admit it or not. Of course there was the element of danger thrown in, a question of rape, a question of sexuality and a question of how far will someone go to get what they want? I couldn't put this book down. I highly recommend it.

    17. Opolitlo

      To say that I loved this book is an understatement. I loved the surprising elements, the plot twists and the three seperate romances that ran through the novel. I loved the characters, the elements of mystery. The tears. The passion. In my opinion, this is Jae's most passionate novel. It just has so much emotion. I recommend it wholeheartedly.

    18. Leslie J Holbrook

      Another winner by Jae!!I'm hoping for more stories involving the characters in this story and from the first story "Conflict of Interest.". Jake knows how to spin a story and make it come to life. Anyone who loves a good love story with suspense involved will enjoy this mini series by Jae. Bravo!

    19. Frances Bell

      Loved itI chose the rating because it was a good read kept my interest which is hard I couldn't put it down. Loved how the story had so many different types of topics that were addressed.It make the characters more real. Can't wait to read the next book.

    20. Rashika

      loved the sequel. its nice to see characters grow, and what happens after the happily ever after. though they were secndary characters aiden and dawn grew. the main characters here was funny and sometimes i wanted to whack them. but they were cute. jae you wrte good.

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