The Waterproof Bible

The Waterproof Bible Rebecca has a most unusual problem no matter how hard she tries she can t stop broadcasting her feelings to people around her Luckily she s discovered how to trap and store her feelings in personal

  • Title: The Waterproof Bible
  • Author: Andrew Kaufman
  • ISBN: 9781846590863
  • Page: 228
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Waterproof Bible

    Rebecca has a most unusual problem no matter how hard she tries, she can t stop broadcasting her feelings to people around her Luckily, she s discovered how to trap and store her feelings in personal objects but just how much emotional baggage can Unit 207, E.Z Self Storage hold Lewis is grieving for his wife, Lisa, Rebecca s sister Inconsolable, he skips Lisa s funerRebecca has a most unusual problem no matter how hard she tries, she can t stop broadcasting her feelings to people around her Luckily, she s discovered how to trap and store her feelings in personal objects but just how much emotional baggage can Unit 207, E.Z Self Storage hold Lewis is grieving for his wife, Lisa, Rebecca s sister Inconsolable, he skips Lisa s funeral, flies to Winnipeg, gets a haircut and meets a woman who claims to be God.At the wheel of stolen Honda Civic is Aberystwyth, aka Aby, driving across Canada to save the soul of her dying mother She is green, gill necked, and very comfortable out of water.An unexpected encounter with Aby seys off a chain of events which sends each of them on a personal quest Can Rebecca, Lewis, Aby find redemotion before a terrible flood destroys tehir chance at happiness A charming tale about love and the power of forgiveness.Andrew Kaufman was born in the town of Wingham Ontario, Canada This is the same town Alice Munroe was born in, making him the second best writer from a town of 3,000 Descending from a long line of librarians and accountants, his first published work was All My Friends Are Superheroes, which has been translated into Italian, French, Norwegian, German, Korean, Spanish, Dutch, Portuguese, Catalan, Swedish and Turkish His other works include The Waterpoof Bible Telegram , The Tiny Wife, and Born Weird He is also a film maker, radio producer and a regular contributor to the McSweeney s website.

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      228 Andrew Kaufman
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    One thought on “The Waterproof Bible

    1. Corey

      Kaufman has a true taste for the metaphorical. The pages of his Bible are suffused with totems, and religions, and floods, and sudden blindness. What it all means is entirely up to the reader, and there will doubtless be a few who find The Waterproof Bible not to their liking. The tale is just barely linear, and most of the outlandish events that occur are left unexplained. I would argue that when the trek is this much damned fun, it doesn't matter if you're left a little bewildered at journey's [...]

    2. Taha

      Lost'un finalinden beri bu kadar cevaplanmamış sorularla dolu bir şey görmemiştim. Kitabı okumak keyifliydi ama bitirdiğinde insan kendini ister istemez Jon Snow gibi hissediyor.

    3. Suzanne

      Oh-so-weird and oh-so-wonderfulbut isn't that what Andrew Kaufman does best? All My Friends are Superheroes still holds the top spot for me, but I enjoyed this as much as I enjoyed Born Weird, which is to say I enjoyed it very much. While I initially was drawn in by Rebecca's story (filling up shoeboxes with her emotions -- brilliant), it was Aby who turned out to be my favourite in the end -- her out-of-water journey was just spectacular.

    4. Marcella

      Oh Boy-I love Andrew Kaufman's writing. His first, All My Friends are Superheroes was a perfect little book, and this, his 2nd is also truly wondrous. Funny, smart, magic realism meets Canadian landscape meets tight writing

    5. Martin Clark

      A surreal and wonderful tale. The story includes a woman who broadcasts her feelings to everyone around her unless she traps them in an object and stores it in a box; underwater cities so much like our own they have skyscrapers and insurance clerks and fundamentalist religion; and an inhabitant of one of those cities, a green-skinned, gilled woman named Aberystwyth, driving to Canada in a Honda Civic to save the soul of her mother.I'm sure it's meant to be allegorical, but I love this kind of qu [...]

    6. Peter Darbyshire

      A woman tries to stop projecting her emotions into the minds of those around her by instead channeling her feelings into possessions, which she hides in a storage facility. A man builds a sailboat in the middle of the Prairies, despite there being no water nearby — until father and son rainmakers make a catastrophic appearance. A woman from an aquatic civilization searches for her mother, who has hidden herself among the land dwellers and is running an abandoned hotel. A musician has an uneasy [...]

    7. Rachel

      It was definately an interesting read. The book was very strange, and I'm still not sure it went anywhere, but I could hardly put the stupid thing down. I'd recommend it if you're feeling philosophical or want to be confused.

    8. Wiebke (1book1review)

      This is such a great read. I love the characters Kaufmann creates. They are so average and out of the ordinary at the same time, it is just amazing.

    9. MaggyGray

      Was für eine zauberhafte Geschichte!Ein bisschen verworren zwar zuerst, aber spätestens nach dem ersten Drittel hatte mich der Autor.In "Nach dir die Sintflut" geht es um drei Menschen, die unterschiedlicher nicht sein könnten, und um eine Aquatikerin, Aby, die "entwässert", also an Land geht, um nach ihrer Mutter zu suchen bzw. diese nach Hause zu holen, bevor sie an Land stirbt - im Aquatismus die größte aller Sünden. Auf dieser Reise streift sie ungewollt die Leben der drei Hauptprotag [...]

    10. Jim

      Back in the good ol’ days there was real and unreal and that was it; it was one thing or t’other. Then all these other realisms started appearing: surrealism, magic realism,hyperrealism, neorealism, pseudorealism. Suddenly it all got very confusing. Confusion, of course, is a state of mind. And if you were looking for a state of mind in which to approach The Waterproof Bible I would aim for this one: Things only get confusing if you let them get confusing. Accept what’s presented on the pa [...]

    11. Erika Nerdypants

      I want to give this 3.5 stars, but doesn't allow the half star rating. I loved Kaufman's "All My Friends are Super Heroes", so much that I went looking for this one. And I wasn't disappointed. Completely out of genre for me, this was an unusual kind of love story with hidden gems of life wisdom. I love how easily Kaufman allows you to believe the unbelievable. Why couldn't a giant frog woman drive a white Honda Civic in downtown Toronto? Witty, whimsical, poignant are all words that came to min [...]

    12. Petra Kidd

      The edition I read had a different cover, it had a frog on the front and was published by Telegraph books. Loved the cover but shame on the publisher/editor for the spelling mistakes, you did not do the author justice by allowing such proofreading sloppiness.Never mind, I did enjoy this beautiful and unusual book. I think it could have gone a little deeper with the characters and been expanded in many ways. Towards the end it did feel rushed as the chapters became very short. Well done Andrew Ka [...]

    13. Liane

      I have to admit, I initially, whole-heartedly judged this book by it's cover; you would too because the edition I have is GORGEOUS. Coral fabric hardcover, with the title in gold and the partial dust jacket depicting waves in blues and greens and yellows. Unfortunately the guts of the book were less memorable than its skin. I wished that the ending was more drawn out; as it is it feels rushed. I enjoyed the story for its weirdness and imagination but it didn't leave much of an impression overall [...]

    14. Holly

      This book is so very, very lovely. I picked it up because of the cover, which is weird and wacky, and the title which is well, exactly the same. I haven't read a print book in a while (#queenofthekindle) and it was really refreshing to leaf through pages, especially when those pages were filled with a story that manages to be both whimsical and deep, full of fantasy AND full of realism. I'd be keen to read more of Kaufman's work, definitely!

    15. Fae

      Being that this is considerably longer than the other two Kaufman books I have (and love) I was kind of apprehensive about this, which is why it sat in my "to read" folder for such a long time. Turns out it was needless worrying though, because whilst it's no All My Friends Are Superheroes, it's still a flippin delight that made me cry more than once. If I wasn't so wary of turning invisible or giant frogs driving Honda's, I think I'd want Andrew Kaufman to write my life.

    16. Robyn

      Not as good as all my friends are superheroes or the tiny wife, but still really good. I loved the beliefs of the aquatics. Especially looking at something really tall to remind yourself how small you are, and that in turn your problems are also small. Didn't like the more religious aspect of it, but that's my fault for trying to ignore the word "bible" in the title!!

    17. Louise

      I have to be honest I don't actually know what this was aboutbut I enjoyed it a lotfull of quirky characters in fairly normal circumstancesI liked the idea of people being gable to feel your emotions and storing them alle whole aquatic thing to me was a side story to the interplay between most of the characters,who amusingly rarely met.

    18. Val

      I think the author's quirky style and non-characters work better in a short story than a novel. I eventually got tired of them.The non-characters in this book include Lisa's sister and her ex-husband, Lisa's widower, some aquatics and some rainmakers. Odd and sometimes amusing things happen, usually involving water.This should not be recommended to fans of Murakami.

    19. Clare

      I liked this! Quirky and a little weird but I was drawn in to each of the storylines. I started out most interested in Rebecca, the character who projects her emotions, but in the end I loved Aby, the Aquatic who was so driven to rescue her mother.

    20. Teresa

      This is my favorite kind of story--fantastical, prophetic, life-affirming, and funny. It's spiritual without needing to talk about organized religion.

    21. Angela Boland

      Synopsis: I don’t even know. Four individuals are on their own personal spiritual journey, and each looks very different from the rest. Can they stop the oncoming judgement?Here’s the cast of characters:Rebecca: Everyone around her can feel her emotions, but she learned she can control this by placing a sort of talisman in a box and putting it away someplace. She furthermore learns that she can get rid of emotions regarding past events by disposing of those objects. Stewart: Rebecca’s ex-h [...]

    22. Nicola Schofield

      Surreal underworld of odd people and powers. Some nice moments but there's not really a story. Rebecca puts her emotions into objects. Aby is a green underwater lady. Lewis meets god and goes blind.I suppose it's about relationships and loss and moving on but there wasn't really a coherent story - just a series of situations. some mildly interesting.I liked the father and son rain-makers who wouldn't acknowledge each other's existence.I would not recommend this bookI would not read this again

    23. Holly

      Great! Confusing yet entertaining at first, but as you read on the pieces of the puzzle all mesh perfectly together in a wonderful ending which leaves room for imagination.

    24. Kelly

      Rebecca Reynolds has a problem. Like a reverse sense of empathy, she has the ability to broadcast every emotion she feels to everyone around her. To solve this problem, she traps her feelings in personal objects and locks them away in Unit 207, E.Z Self Storage.This becomes a problem when Rebecca's beloved sister Lisa dies and both she and her musician brother in law Lewis are forced to confront their grief in weird and totally unexpected ways.An accidental near miss between their funeral car an [...]

    25. Suad Shamma

      Lewis - "Why do bad things happen to good people?"God - "Because it makes a good story."Andrew Kaufman has succeeded in creating a literary classic with this one. Magic realism at its very best, The Waterproof Bible is a quirky, whimsical story dealing with the oddest mix of characters you will ever read about, who all intersect each others' lives in one way or another over the course of a few days.You have Rebecca, an extraordinarily ordinary woman who involuntarily broadcasts her emotions onto [...]

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