Paths of Disharmony

Paths of Disharmony On a diplomatic mission to the planet Andor Captain Picard and the crew of the Enterprise E bear witness to the rank devastation resulting from the Borg invasion With the reproductive issues that hav

  • Title: Paths of Disharmony
  • Author: Dayton Ward
  • ISBN: 9781439160831
  • Page: 435
  • Format: Paperback
  • Paths of Disharmony

    On a diplomatic mission to the planet Andor, Captain Picard and the crew of the Enterprise E bear witness to the rank devastation resulting from the Borg invasion With the reproductive issues that have long plagued the Andorian people reaching crisis level, avenues of research that at first held great promise have proven largely unhelpful, and may well indeed be worseningOn a diplomatic mission to the planet Andor, Captain Picard and the crew of the Enterprise E bear witness to the rank devastation resulting from the Borg invasion With the reproductive issues that have long plagued the Andorian people reaching crisis level, avenues of research that at first held great promise have proven largely unhelpful, and may well indeed be worsening the problem.Despite the Federation s seeming inability to provide assistance and growing doubt over its commitment to a staunch, longtime ally, Andorian scientists now offer renewed hope for a solution However, many segments of Andorian society are protesting this controversial new approach, and radical sects are beginning to make their displeasure known by any means available In response, President Nanietta Bacco has sent the Enterprise crew and a team of diplomats and scientists to Andor to convene a summit, in the hope of demonstrating that the Federation s pledge to helping Andor is sincere But the Typhon Pact is watching, and their interests may very well lead the Andorian people down an even treacherous path

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    One thought on “Paths of Disharmony

    1. Sud666

      It seems that it's been some time since I visited the current timeline for Star Trek Next Generation stories. So many things have changed. Picard and Dr. Crusher are married and have a child, Worf is the Number One on the Enterprise, Data is dead, etc. Now, even with all these changes I still found the world to be familiar. So why didn't I like this one?There is a really good story lurking in this book. It is unfortunately hindered by far too much "interpersonal relationship bonding". Look I get [...]

    2. John Cipolla

      Not my favorite. was king of long and drawn out. However I did like the andorian stuff a lot. They leave the federation and join the typhon pact at the end.

    3. Derek Oberg

      Thirishar ch'Thane (aka Shar) was always one of my favorite new characters from the DS9 relaunch cast. I loved his entire story line, as well as the characters populating it. During the Borg attack the narrative followed his mother Charivretha to her death, so we knew about that one. As good as it was to see Shar again, I was very sad to see that EVERY SINGLE character from his ongoing arc in the DS9 books is now dead (with the exception of Prynn Tenmei, who we have yet to re-visit after the dea [...]

    4. Scott Williams

      I feel slightly overwhelmed in my efforts to catch up with the post-Nemesis Star Trek novels. I'm still six years behind and, at the rate they publish new books, I'm not sure I can catch up unless I devote all of my reading time to Trek!I was very excited by the idea of the Typhon Pact series but the execution has so far not lived up to my expectations. This book had a lot of action which is not generally my favourite part of Star Trek novels. I prefer the deep dives into character that the nove [...]

    5. Jon

      Decent but a little slowIt was a decent book but slow to start the end of the book is much better. The Typhon Pact series has not been my favorite.

    6. Stephen Lee

      Good But Slow at times. The book is slow to start and really wonder where it is going from time to time. It does pick up and ends well. Overall a good read.

    7. Nicole

      I enjoyed reading this book, however have a few things I would have liked to change, if I could. While I understand that making me 'happy' with the book would require it to be changed into something it's not (a novel that's a lot longer and a whole lot more detailed than this book is), I'm still going to write some of those thoughts dow.I felt it was a pity that we didn't learn more details about the Andorian reproductive crisis itself. Learning about an alien race that has four genders instead [...]

    8. Maurice Jr.

      Another fine look at the Star Trek Universe now that the Typhon Pact is here. This book in my opinion did the best job of juxtaposing the crisis du jour with the personal lives of the Enterprise's senior staff. From Captain Picard and Dr. Crusher exploring marriage and parenthood to Commander Worf and Lieutenant Choudhury exploring their relationship to Commander LaForge finding new love with Dr. Tamala Harstad and Lieutenant T'ryssa Chen finding herself drawn to Lieutenant Commander Taurik, we [...]

    9. Daniel

      The Typhon Pact saga continues in this entry from Dayton Ward, and it's a doozy! There's plenty of nifty Andorian shenanigans to go around in this volume, and it incorporates elements from the "Alien Spotlight: Andorians" comic from IDW as well as ST: Enterprise storylines before landing probably the biggest blow to the Federation since the Destiny Trilogy. I won't spoil anything in this review, but I did not see things in this story turning out the way they did when I picked up the book, so I h [...]

    10. Daniel

      This book continues the Typhon Pact series of novels which are set after the Destiny trilogy. The Federation is still reeling after the Borg invasion. They are trying to keep their member worlds intact while rebuilding and relocating the displaced populace. This book is set on Andor where the population faces a slow extinction due to their genetics. As previously covered in the Deep Space Nine relaunch novels, a species from the Gamma Quadrant donated a highly unusual biological sample to an And [...]

    11. Mirrani

      Of all of the Typhon Pact books, I found this to be the hardest to read. It was very difficult to trudge through the pages and pages of recounted history up to this point, which went well beyond recounting the novels and deep into the history of the show itself. To be honest I was more than a little annoyed by the assumption that I, as a reader who picked up a book with Picard on the front, would not know what had happened to him in the past. Worst yet was when the book left the show behind and [...]

    12. Joshua Rotella

      F***ing godawful.The characterization was off for every character you recognize from the series, with the possible exceptions of Worf (I am a Klingon, I'd rather be killing) or President Nan Bacco (I'm feisty and my job gives me agita).The author seems more concerned with giving us the first and last names of every new character than giving any of these names character. Or dialogue, backstory, or anything meaningful to do in the narrative.Spoilers?We're introduced to an Aenar city, and then noth [...]

    13. Jarezal

      Se supone que los libros de esta saga tenían como objetivo el profundizar en las razas antagonistas de Star Trek que no han tenido demasiado protagonismo en las series.En las tres anteriores novelas así había sido y me gustaran más o menos las tramas al menos terminabas con una visión más amplia de Breen, Gorn o Tzenkethi. Sin embargo en este libro no ocurre lo mismo. En teoría es el libro dedicado a los Tholianos, a priori una raza con mucho potencial, y su presencia no pasa de un mero c [...]

    14. Ross Vincent

      At the time I started reading this book, there was the on-going protest associated with Occupy ___________. So, reading about protests on the planet of Andor, following the Borg Attacks, I couldn’t help but smile and amuse myself with the “Occupy Andor” irony of things. (And I was waiting for Picard to have some gung-ho Ensign walk by the protesters, spraying them with the 24th century version of Pepper Spray). Ok, enough timely, but inappropriate humor. In this latest novel in the Typhon [...]

    15. Barbara

      It was terrible, he just went on and on about boring crap. It read like a grade school essay where length was the ultimate goal. When someone gives a long, boring political or technical speech it is not necessary to give the entire text of the speech.I didn't ever learn anything about any of the unique characters, even though there were long passages about them. Just a bunch of drivel. Looking at the cover now (I read it on the kindle, didn't see a cover) I have no idea who that is pictured or e [...]

    16. David

      Engaging, harmonious fulfillmentI was going to give this book four stars -- not due to any issue with the book, save that this continuing buildup in the continuing 24th Century Star Trek arc has simply got to lead to even greater, more expensive, soul searching and epiphany-inspiring flights of wonder. Then I realized that Mr. Ward might wonder what was wrong his book. Nothing. There's nothing wrong with it. It's action packed, thought inspiring, shocking, delightful, humorous, and displays the [...]

    17. Butch Rosenbalm

      Decent enough wrap up of the 4 book "Typhon Pact" series, but not quite up to par to the other three, in my opinion. It's more of a TNG story than directly related to the Typhon Pact like the previous books where. On it's own, it's a four star book. We get to see more of Jean-Luc & Beverly Picard's son, Rene; we catch up with Worf and his social life and heck, even Geordi gets some good face time. (Geordi is probably the least used in a good way character of the TNG. I think it's because we [...]

    18. John Carter McKnight

      A well-done, smart, engrossing tale of the politics of reproduction and genetic enhancement. An extremely smart, capable and seriously portrayed terrorist faction; subtle and vicious political maneuvering - and still time for a number of lighthearted romantic subplots that strike just the right note of relief from the seriousness of the main story. Characterization and voice are spot on - even having not watched The Next Generation in ages, I could hear everyone's voices clear as day in the pros [...]

    19. Domenico

      A mediocre entry in the Typhon Pact series, among his sins, the author just transposes the whole current American political situation onto an alien planet, complete with biased media, the Tea Party, violent militias, and so on. There's also plenty of loose plot threads don't seem to go anywhere and a million very similar Andorian names it was almost impossible to keep track of. Then there the errors of English like the multiple misuses of the phrases "begs the question." The short version: It's [...]

    20. Wayland Smith

      The Typhon Pact is another crossover, touching on several different Star Trek lines of books. This one comes to the Next Generation era, following up on both the villainous Pact of enemies against the Federation, and the damage from the recent Borg war.The Andorians have always had a lot of problems keeping their numbers up since their reproduction process is complicated. The losses from the Borg made that a LOT worse. Piccard and his crew need to find a way to keep Andoria in the Federation, de [...]

    21. Jimyanni

      This book is similar in some respects to "Losing The Peace", a novel that explored the ramifications of the damage done to various Federation worlds by the Borg before their ultimate defeat. As in that novel, we see aftershocks that are very plausible, and if I find it unlikely that more than half of the population of Andor wouldn't see through the blatent political manipulation the Tholians used, I can easily see them resenting the Federation keeping secrets that might have helped them. An exce [...]

    22. Eddie Glade

      Ugh. I slogged through this one just to find out what happened, but it was barely worth it. Overwritten in the extreme, this morass of events surrounding the Andorian reproductive difficulties and interference by one of the Typhon Pact members just assaulted my brain at every turn. What was the point? Jean-Luc and Beverly get a *little* bit of character development. Worf gets none. They tried to get me to care about some of the new Enterprise crew members, but I just didn't. This one should have [...]

    23. Sean O'Hara

      Nice to see Star Trek finally going down the dark path -- the Federation's still reeling from a Borg invasion that killed 70 billion people and a number of minor races -- Tholians, Gorn, Breen, etc. -- have leagued together in the Typhon Pact to oppose Federation hegemony. And now political turmoil on Andor, which was severely damaged in the Borg invasion, threatens one of the founding members of the UFP. If only stories like this had been the follow-up to DS9 instead of lackluster crap like Voy [...]

    24. Stephen

      Probably one of the better books in the Typhon Pact series. This book focuses mainly on the Enterprise and the Andorians, whose planet is facing internal unrest after the Borg attack in the Destiny trilogy as well as their suffering from fertility problems as a species. Though T'Ryssa Chen has pretty much become a Deus Ex Machina, she's at least an interesting one who doesn't bother me half as much as some other plot devices I've seen. Also, the resolution to the story happens in about 10 pages [...]

    25. Bernard Doddema Jr

      As so many other readers have suggested, this book is a slow starter but does end with oomph! This is not your typical Star Trek book or storyline. As I've mentioned with the previous Typhon Pact novels, it seems as if the publishers/editors/authors are preparing these characters for transition into the Star Trek Online storyline. That can be a positive and a negative. It just seems as if they're going full-steam with the transition instead of gently easing into it. I'll have to be honest and sa [...]

    26. Michael Bergquist

      I really cannot say enough positive things about this book. Of the 4 Typhon Pact novels - for me - it was by far the best. The story was captivating and kept at a steady pace. I greatly appreciate the authors ability to so perfectly write the dialogue for Picard, Beverly, Worf & La Forge - they words, actions, humor, etc - all seemed true to their characters. I greatly enjoyed this book, as I said in the review title best of the series.

    27. Daniel Kukwa

      A rich & rewarding read. "Paths of Disharmony" is a quiet epic of hope & despair, passion & danger, in a galaxy trying to rebuild, and a Federation threatened on all sides, physically & socially. It feels like the slow closing chapter to "The Next Generation" we all know and loved the start of a new chapter that is simultaneously disconcerting and exciting. Easily one of the finest Star Trek novels of recent years.

    28. Geoffrey

      I was looking forward to this fourth Typhon Pact book and I think it's my least favorite of the four. Unlike the first three, it didn't delve into societal composition of a Pact member race - it focused instead on the Andorians (and didn't really do anything original with them.)It started slow and got better - so I didn't hate it. By the end I was enjoying it - I just didn't feel it explained itself well or that the Andorian politics were particularly interesting

    29. Hector Sosa

      It's interesting how the incident at Taurus Reach (another Star Trek series taking place in Kirk's day), comes and bites the Federation in their collective butts. I felt that most of the Andorian characters were sort of hollow. The Andorians in the Enterprise series were a lot more interesting, but that's my opinion.Overall it was an interesting book, but I wish that there was more cultural information on Andorians.

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