A Good Long Way

A Good Long Way The two of you stop it You re father and son you should love each other Roel howls at his father and brother as their argument turns into a shoving match Beto is home past curfew smelling like a ca

  • Title: A Good Long Way
  • Author: René Saldaña Jr.
  • ISBN: 9781558856073
  • Page: 453
  • Format: Paperback
  • A Good Long Way

    The two of you, stop it You re father and son you should love each other, Roel howls at his father and brother as their argument turns into a shoving match Beto is home past curfew, smelling like a cantina When Beto Sr tells his son to follow the rules or leave, the boy, a senior in high school, decides to leave But, once he has walked away he has nowhere to go so The two of you, stop it You re father and son you should love each other, Roel howls at his father and brother as their argument turns into a shoving match Beto is home past curfew, smelling like a cantina When Beto Sr tells his son to follow the rules or leave, the boy, a senior in high school, decides to leave But, once he has walked away he has nowhere to go so turns to his best friend Jessy Beto s decision to leave is told from shifting perspectives in which the lives of Roel, Beto, and Jessy are revealed in scenes that reflect teen age life Each one has a long way to go in growing up Roel is book smart and fights teachers assumptions that he s like Beto Jessy is smart too, but most teachers only see her tough girl act And Beto somehow quit caring about school And his teachers have given up too.Rene Saldana, Jr writes another fast paced, novel that will engage teens in questions about their own lives and responsibilities to family, friends and themselves.

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      453 René Saldaña Jr.
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    One thought on “A Good Long Way

    1. Jonathan

      Beto thinks that he is his own man so he disobey his father's rules. So he then ran away from home by thinking that he could survive on his own. Roelito is the brother of Beto which he is one of the smartest students in his school but he wants to be just like his brother and after seeing his brother ran away he decided to find him. And Jessy is in the same grade with Beto ,friend of Beto ,and wanted to follow her own dreams for her life after graduation.After Beto left he decided to visit to his [...]

    2. Krista Stevens

      Was suggested for ELL/SEI students. Short novel - shifting narrators, which at times was confusing. Beto and his brother, Roel, find themselves in the midst of a family conflict involving their father and the lack of respect Roel, a high school senior shows him. The confrontation and eventual reconciliation are very realistic and a rare occurrence in YA lit. Nice. Some Spanish phrases.Jessy's home problems are more serious with a mother who won't leave an abusive father. Some interesting perspec [...]

    3. Jose

      Have you ever wondered how it would be like to run away? The genre of this book is realistic fiction. I know this because these actions could really happen in real life. The setting of the book takes place in many places.It takes place in Beto's house,In the expressway,at Jessy's house and at there school.Beto was arguing with his dad Beto Sr about him coming in late and smelling like bear and ciggerets.So Betos little brother Roelito woke up and went outside and saw hs brother and dad fighting. [...]

    4. Sarah Brutsch

      This is a good book and my first exposure to Latino literature. It follows the lives of three teenagers for a day--Roelito, Beto, and Jessy--as they struggle to overcome challenges with family, friends, and school. When Roelito sees his brother Beto and his father arguing on the front porch one morning, it sets off a chain of events that draws the teens lives together. Through shifting perspectives during different times of the day during which the book is set, each teen shares memories and what [...]

    5. Ashlyn Anderson

      On March 27, three teenage narrators lend their voices to the major events of the day. Roelito and Beto are brothers; Jessy is Beto's friend from the neighborhood. After another fight with his father, Beto takes off in the night. Roelito watches him run away from home. Jessy gets involved when Beto stops by her window for advice. And so the rest of the novel continues with Jessy and Roelito commenting on the school day, and Beto eventually makes his way home. Saldaña's book is all about family [...]

    6. Cindy Waite

      This is a coming of age book that the kids have to deal with parents. I really enjoyed the culture in this book, having grown up in the latino culture. The conflicts in this book between Beto and his father resounded authentically. Teenage kids trying to grow up and yet not quite mature enough to understand that rules are there for a reason. Like Beto's dad said, "Talking the talk" Being able to have the story told by different points of view was a good technique, showing Roelito's anger and fru [...]

    7. Eryc Luna

      Do you like realistic fiction books because if you do you'll love this one.I think this book was one of the best books I'v read.This book is about this kid named Beto who is trying to stop his brother and father from arguing all time but his father told Beto' brother he has to listen to his rules or leave his house.So his brother decides to run away. After his brother ran away Beto feels like he has no where to go then Beto has second thoughts about running away as well,after that he starts to s [...]

    8. Melissa Strong

      Saldana presents a unique and intriguing view into the lives of three South Texans during a pivotal time in their lives. Beto, Roelito, and Jessy present coming-of-age stories which will reach out to readers. Beto feels suffocated and betrayed by his father's protective rules, while Jessy is breaking down due to the abusive fights her parents engage in. Roelito is a straight-A student who emulates his brother in everything but grades. Saldana creates a very realistic and intriguing look into the [...]

    9. Alycia

      The concept of this book was interesting, as was the narrative being told from different perspectives. However, what was with the random second person perspective used only with Jessy? Also I thought the way that Beto made up with his father was a little unrealistic. The words seemed too perfect for that kind of a tense situation. And what was with that random teacher named Mr. Saldana? The moral of the story hit so bluntly that it made Beto's story seem less authentic. I only really enjoyed Jes [...]

    10. Krystal

      The different perspectives were interesting. I'm still wondering why Jessy's story was mostly in 2nd person, Roel's was in 1st, and Beto's was in 3rd. Interesting technique that I feel like demonstrates the differences between the characters. I also liked how things aren't wrapped up neatly at the end, especially since the book covers just one day. Life isn't like that, neatly wrapped up in one day, but there was still this hope for healing that I enjoyed.

    11. Tyler R

      I have read the book “A Good Long Way” and found that it is a really good book. At first I found that the chapters are not actual chapters and that every chapter is a different character’s perspective in the book. I loved the book after I understood how the books structure worked. If I would rate this book I would give it an 8. I would give it this because the books change of perspective was a little bit tricky to know when and which character is talking.

    12. Shannonmde

      language feels dated. not sure it would appeal to actual YAs. not recomending for studio recording for TBP.

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