Only the Good Spy Young

Only the Good Spy Young Cammie Morgan always knew that being a Gallagher Girl aka spy in training would mean a life of risk and danger She just didn t know that life would start before she d even left high schoolBut now that

  • Title: Only the Good Spy Young
  • Author: Ally Carter
  • ISBN: 9780734411143
  • Page: 464
  • Format: Paperback
  • Only the Good Spy Young

    Cammie Morgan always knew that being a Gallagher Girl aka spy in training would mean a life of risk and danger She just didn t know that life would start before she d even left high schoolBut now that an ancient terrorist organisation is dead set on kidnapping her, even Cammie The Chameleon can t hide And when someone she trusts is labelled a rogue double agent, CCammie Morgan always knew that being a Gallagher Girl aka spy in training would mean a life of risk and danger She just didn t know that life would start before she d even left high schoolBut now that an ancient terrorist organisation is dead set on kidnapping her, even Cammie The Chameleon can t hide And when someone she trusts is labelled a rogue double agent, Cammie feels like her world is falling apart.Can she still count on her classmates Her teachers And what about her feelings for the totally hot yet totally unpredictable Zach This semester, Cammie and her friends must spy, hack and steal if they want to find out the truth.Cammie s life depends on it

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    One thought on “Only the Good Spy Young

    1. LolaReviewer

      There is no school cooler than the Gallagher Academy.There is no profession more exciting than being a spy.You know how Harry Potter is THE DEAL?Well, this is MY Harry Potter. I would choose to become a Gallagher Girl over a witch anytime. Also, you'll want to have book 5 close to you when you finish this book. Trust me.

    2. April*procrastinator and proud*

      I THINK THIS ONE WAS MY FAVORITE ONE!why? because:1) More Spying2) More action3)More answers4) More Zach5) More Zach/Cammie momentswow WOW!!!! WOW!!!!!oksy now that I'm done i liked the ending! I hope she brings Zach with her! hehe it was his idea afterall. (you'll find out what i'm talking about when you read the book) Honestly i thought the Gallagher Girls books were getting repetitivepattern: school>somethinghappens>school missionthen it I thought it was going to go: something happens o [...]

    3. Natali

      I've always been a fan of the Gallagher Girl series. I think that an all girls school for spies would be an absolute dream, don't ask me why because I really don't know. But Only the Good Spy Young was another interesting addition to the series and left me hanging for more. The Circle, an organization of double agents, has been tracking down and trying to capture Cammie Morgan, a junior at the the Gallagher Academy for Exceptional Young Women. There, she learns how to survive the most dangerous [...]

    4. maymay β˜•

      I THINK I’VE FINIALLY MADE THE BREAKTHROUGH !!!This book was SUBSTANTIALLY better the previous books. Not only did the writing mature but so did the characters ((and Cammie wasn’t AS annoying)) There was a PLOT!! In this book and thank goodness bc I was thinking of trashing it. It was fast paced, exciting, packed with twist and turns (albeit they were predictable at time) but it really did leave you feeling excited for more in the series. The mystery in this book is much more developed than [...]

    5. Tricia

      This book was not as amazing as I expected it to be. It went above and beyond any expectations I had at all, and I loved every second of reading it. Ally Carter does a great job of including all of the sweet and funny aspects that readers have come to know in her writing, but she also shows the darker points of humanity, including a double cross, cruelty, and above all, secrecy. With a completely out-of-the-blue shocker to end the book, Ally Carter has a new masterpiece on her hands. Well done! [...]

    6. Megan

      Ally Carter is not finished writing this series, but I may be finished reading it. A shame, because it started out so different and positive and kind of cool. The worst to be said was that it was a little too naive and upbeat. But it's published by Hyperion, which is owned by Disney, so all the sparkles are a little expected. Besides, this series boasts ideas such as girl power, loyalty, and even self respect over cute boys (unheard of in YA, right?) so it's a great series for younger girls. How [...]

    7. Cait (Paper Fury)

      So I accidentally abandoned this series 2 years ago. FOR NO REASON. I like Ally Carter, I do! I always felt the first Gallagaher Books were a bit young (peoples, I like things dark and sinister). Anyway! I wanted to finish it! Ande it's been sooo looooong since I read bk 3 I basically had forgotten absolutely everything and therefore bk 4 made about 2% sense. MY FAULT. But it still didn't make the read so enjoyable. By the end I was more in the groove though. And by groove, I mean, I wasn't goin [...]

    8. Erica

      Oh my gosh, I loved this book so much. I flew through it in several hours. It was brilliant and amazing. The best Gallagher Girl book yet, and that's saying something because I absolutely LOVE every single book in the series. Questions, oh the questions that are answered in Only the Good Spy Young! Ally Carter ties up so many strings, yet leaves about a zillion more questions you want answers to in their place. We meet old characters and new characters too. I just love Liz. She's one of my favor [...]

    9. Hetti

      I haven't read this in years. But all I can remember is ZACH!!!! <3 <3Second read - 9/06/17: This book. I can't even. That ending. Those last 50 pages. Intense as f. And ZACH. Is my precious baby. I love him so much. I mean ☺😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 Cammie and him are so good together and so romantic and just ❀️❀️❀️

    10. Jennifer Wardrip

      Reviewed by Jaglvr for TeensReadTooONLY THE GOOD SPY YOUNG starts the reader off with heart-pounding suspense can be expected in the Gallagher Girl series.Cammie is on winter break in England with Bex and her MI-6 parents and an army of agents watching over her. But on New Year's while ice skating, she finds Zach watching her across the ice. All of a sudden, the rink goes dark and her Covert Ops teacher, Mr. Solomon, tries to steal her away. Cammie can't figure out why Mr. Solomon is being chase [...]

    11. Soph - Lock&Key

      After reading this book, which I loved by the way I just have one questionHOW THE HELL DID THIS SERIES GO FROM A,MEH I MIGHT GET AROUND TO READING THE NEXT BOOK SERIES TO A OMGGGG I NEED THE NEXT BOOK NOW!!!!!! SERIES?It was only the good spy young Is all I really know, I was not expecting to be flabbergasted when i finished this book, sooooooooo, if someone would like to clue me on why this book became so amazing please doNo takers??????Okay, I guess Im on my own to figure it out.Hmmmmm, maybe [...]

    12. Paradoxical

      Something that never fails to irritate me: A person is in danger and needs to be protected, but nobody tells her what the hell is going on. Especially if said person in danger is a girl who is training to be a spy. There is a disconnect there, especially when she gets into as much trouble as she does. Nobody tells Cammie anything when she's a key person--they all just expect her to fall in line (yeah, right, when has she ever done that?). It's crazy how they can teach the girl how to undermine c [...]

    13. Ashley Townsend

      Ally Carter has done it again! Her Heist Society series was the first I'd ever read of Ally's, and I just adore those characters (yes, present tense adore. And just Hale *sighs*) and the ridiculous cleverness of everything that this author creates. I gave this series a try at my sisters' insistence, and I'm so glad I did! Ally has a way of making characters that you just want to hang out with and laugh over a bag of M&Ms, and the situations and humor in her stories: WARNING! There WILL be ac [...]

    14. Bry

      This book is definitely the best in the series to far terms of the plot, characters, and the writing. It reminds me a bit of Harry Potter. The writing, subject matter, and perspective on life are all maturing as both the characters and readers mature. This installment was stuffed full of intrigue, betrayal, pain, fright, and hope. I stayed up till 3 am just to finish it because I kept saying one more chapter, or I'll stop as soon as I figure this out. Before I realized it I had read half the boo [...]

    15. Rebecca T

      These seriously keep getting better and better. I started this book at 1:30am, it is now 4:30am and I've finished it. I can't even remember the last time I read a book in one sitting. I didn't even stop to go to the bathroom, it's just been three solid hours of reading. I just seriously love these books so much. I love all these characters and the plots just keep getting more intriguing.

    16. Sabrina

      ONLY THE EYES OF GALLAGHER GIRLS MAY READ THE CONTENTSOperative SabrinaUpon gaining access to the novel Only the Good Spy Young by subject Carter, the Operative was able to ascertain the following:~ The romance is undeniably evivident throughout. According to Operatives Sutton, Baxter and McHenry, Operative Morgan is "in love" with an asset who had firsthand knowledge of the Blackthorne Institute.~ Said asset has shown to reciprocate feelings towards Operative Morgan. The asset is privy to some [...]

    17. Watson

      I get giddy just looking at this. Hehehehehehehehehehehe. Ally Carter. just an fyi to all of you readers of this here postie reveiw, I will have you know that I practically ripped my hair out from its roots begging my mother to take me to the bookstore the day it came out. I was running around the house, drinking apple juice(since I don't like soda or coffee, apple juice is the next best thing) and screaming until my voice was raw. At this point you are probably thinking, "Dude. This chic has no [...]

    18. Josie

      This series has gone downhill so much since the first book. I think Ally Carter's lost sight of her original plan? Book 1 was firmly tongue-in-cheek, with girls making bombs in chemistry class and being taught how to kill a man with a piece of uncooked spaghetti. But with each new book, the Gallagher Girls have moved more and more into Deep and Serious territory, and I think that's a mistake. I don't want to read about torture and death and mountains of angst. I want schoolgirls running around i [...]

    19. The Dark Shadow

      Wow. Wow. Wow!!This book is amazing!! I completely and utterly love Zachary and cammie I so desperately wish to be a Gallagher girl right now. There's no profession cooler than being a spy. Read this book for sure! Of course, read the first three before reading this book! Try it out, till I try to grab on my next copy of this amazing series!

    20. Anna

      Covert Operations ReportBy Anna Sk (hereafter referred to as "The Operative")Phase 4.Note: At this point the Operative had to go to ground in order to regroup and continue with the mission.During the fourth part of the mission the Operative managed to uncover some of the mystery that shrouded the mission and move accordingly to what she believed was the right course of action. She continued the mission.Despite of the seeming turncoats of this phase of the mission, the Operative still held back j [...]

    21. Lisa

      Reread: Jan 17 2015The wifi was out yesterday so I ended up finishing the last three Gallagher Girls books and it was awesome.Man, I forgot how painful this one was. He's gone.He's just gone.Someone has to tell Rachel.Safe to say I shed a lot of tears. First read: April 2013 (5 stars)Thoughts:1. GRIPPING! Conspiracies, twists, and everybody's not who they seem to be.2. ZACH HOW DO YOU SEXY3. The endingCammie what are you doingI need to read the next book.

    22. Lindsey (Books for Christian Girls)

      Very interesting. Can't say I saw the plot twist coming, but I'm still very confused on different parts. The language was equal to the second book, with a couple 'heck's and a 'hell'. Quite a bit of blood. Mentions again of hotness and guy who are hot. A mention of a teacher's sexy bra. Two semi-detailed kisses, and two no-detailed kisses. Maybe it's because Cammie and I are the same age that I don't like Zach much (I know, I know, all the fangirls will attack me for that), especially at the end [...]

    23. Kyla Harris

      2nd September 21, 2014BEST BOOK EVER! Love this book from begging to start. This book is the whole reason I read and reread this series! In love with everything in it.3rd May 15, 2015THAT ENDING, never gets old! Oh I love it! Love it all!:) Zach is like the best guy ever I'm sad though the next book Ya'll need to read this series! No joke!

    24. Rachel

      Never fails to amaze! Plot is gripping and chockfull of secrets and surprises. I find myself thinking, "one more chapter then I'll wash the dishes," but you know how likely that is when you're in the middle of a great book. In most series, the first book is the best then the novels the come after get gradually worse and worse, but with Ally Carter's books, they maintain the amazing quality.

    25. Keely

      Ahh i so want to read this book. I reckon Zach is the one who gets labelled as the rogue operative cause he always turns up where cammie is and that guy from the circle of cavan knew him and why wasn't he at blackthrone? Ahh cannot wait until it is out Joe Soloman hs been labelled a double agent:(

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