Girl Next Door

Girl Next Door See what happened was our lives were going really well My mom got a promotion I enrolled in an A list school and then my Dad had this great idea to start an empire But now he s gone to the country

  • Title: Girl Next Door
  • Author: Alyssa Brugman
  • ISBN: 9781741663389
  • Page: 305
  • Format: Paperback
  • Girl Next Door

    See, what happened was, our lives were going really well My mom got a promotion, I enrolled in an A list school, and then my Dad had this great idea to start an empire But now he s gone to the country What does that evenwhen she talks to me at all, which is less and less lately Hello Can somebody please tell me what s going on

    • Unlimited [Contemporary Book] ✓ Girl Next Door - by Alyssa Brugman ✓
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    One thought on “Girl Next Door

    1. Good Golly Miss Holly

      I picked this book up by chance at the library, and I'm glad I did. Jenna-Belle's story of misfortune is very relatable in the current financial crisis, I also found their to be plenty of drama and humor to keep you reading and wanting more.Girl Next Door is Alyssa Brugman's eleventh novel for Young Adults, the first being Finding Grace which has recently been translated into Dutch and shortlisted for many awards.Jenna-Belle just got comfortable going to a private school, living in a big house a [...]

    2. Sarah

      I loved this mainly because I love, love, love Alssa Brugman's quirky sense of humour. So random and unexpected that it really does make me laugh out loud, which I rarely do when reading. But yeah the story was interesting and dealt with some gutsy issues like homelessness, gambling and parent/child relationships without hitting the reader over the head with The Moral, always a plus. Ripped through it in one sitting (of several hours) (hey, I didn't have anything else to do today anyway)

    3. Ellen

      Basically I thought the book was OK but there was too much happening, Declan, the gambling, getting kicked out of school (public school too hard to find?), her dad being missing, the affairs her parents were having, and to be honest I don't know how old Jenna was supposed to be but she and her brother were ignoring the situation really well, I mean the writing was on the wall and they were twidling their thumbs wondering where in the country their Dad was.

    4. Marita

      This is a book about a family on the way down. They have a 'monster' house, as teen narrator Jenna-Belle tells us, 'a house with wings.' She and her brother go to the best schools. Mum has a killer job and Dad has left work to start his dream business.That was then. Now their father is 'in the country' (the kids know no more), their mum is pregnant, they have a boarder in the spare room and an increasing amount of empty space where their possessions used to be. Oh, and the house is worth less th [...]

    5. Maree Kimberley

      I've read a few books by Alyssa Brugman in the past and think she is a fantastic writer. Girl Next Door seemed to me to be a bit of a departure from some of her other novels I've read, and the character of Jenna Belle took me a bit of getting used to. She's a little immature, a little annoying at times, and often confused but by the end of the novel I really empathised with her situation. The 'riches to rags' story is an interesting one, as Jenna Belle tries to navigate not only her family falli [...]

    6. Watermelon Daisy

      Girl Next Door was a light-hearted book, which yet touched on serious subjects.It was one of those “eh” books –you know, the kind you’re certain you’d forget afterwards. Not bad per se, but simply not memorable. I did, however, adore the coming-of-age story circulating Jenna-Belle from the beginning to the end of the book; I could see the difference easily.Perhaps it’s because she was so teenage-like and girly, but I just couldn’t connect with her. Sure, she was snobby, made horrib [...]

    7. Vanya D.

      Umm, well, the story was very realistic - going homeless because of huge debts; losing your spouse because of cheating; sleeping with the boy/man next door But it wasn't a smooth read. It made me want to skip pages. First, because there was so little conversation, it was hard to find; second, because the descriptions were so weird, it was difficult to keep your attention on them; third, the characters seemed somewhat out of place. Like they didn't know how to react in the situation they were in. [...]

    8. Isabella

      not finding this book very interesting, i think i might find something else soonI have recently finished this book. I found that it is quite an interesting story line but i didnt like the way it was written. The story did get more and more interesting as it progressed but the ending want the climax i was expecting. I think i didnt enjoy it much ecause it isnt my kind of book but for some one who likes the family drama senario it might be one to consider,

    9. Vivien

      It was a nice read and though i am confused at hoe much she relates current stuff to the past it was funny and the book made me think of my actions, reactions and views. I agree with her view on doing it and how it was sexist at how other people view girls and boys *sigh*. At least JB is learning by observing other peoples actions and its consequences especially about the money bit.

    10. Matilda Rose

      After reading this whole book I don't have much to say about it. Just that it wasn't great. It wasn't thrilling or exciting or sad or funny or well, anything. It didn't evoke any emotions and whilst the storyline was interesting and it had a potentially excellent plot, I felt like the writing was too flat.

    11. Kirsten

      Tougher than I anticipated given the light, friendly cover. Coming of age amidst poverty striking a previously wealthy family. Sassy heroine and neat friendship made this a pretty fun read despite the tough subject matter.

    12. Lizzie Penson

      This is a really good book. Great story line. I really felt for the characters but at the end it kind of ended abruptly and I think it needs a sequel because I think it needed a better explanation as to what happened to the characters. Good book overall

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