Among the Missing

Among the Missing In this haunting bracing new collection Dan Chaon shares stories of men women and children who live far outside the American Dream while wondering which decision which path or which accident br

  • Title: Among the Missing
  • Author: Dan Chaon
  • ISBN: 9780345441614
  • Page: 225
  • Format: Paperback
  • Among the Missing

    In this haunting, bracing new collection, Dan Chaon shares stories of men, women, and children who live far outside the American Dream, while wondering which decision, which path, or which accident brought them to this place Chaon mines the psychological landscape of his characters to dazzling effect Each story radiates with sharp humor, mystery, wonder, and startling coIn this haunting, bracing new collection, Dan Chaon shares stories of men, women, and children who live far outside the American Dream, while wondering which decision, which path, or which accident brought them to this place Chaon mines the psychological landscape of his characters to dazzling effect Each story radiates with sharp humor, mystery, wonder, and startling compassion Among the Missing lingers in the mind through its subtle grace and power of language.

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      225 Dan Chaon
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    One thought on “Among the Missing

    1. Nandakishore Varma

      In 2006, there was a film in Malayalam which became a cult film of sorts. It was called Thanmathra ("Molecule"), and depicted a man's frightening descent into Alzheimer's. But what gave the story its poignancy was the bond between the protagonist and his son: the single-minded effort on the part of the former to make the latter an officer of the Indian Administrative Service. Incidentally, the movie also focussed on the relationship between the protagonist and his father.Speaking on the movie, t [...]

    2. Parastoo

      داستان‌های تلخ و واقعی و بسیار روان و خواندنی. دنیای نوجوانان خیالباف که اغلب در خانواده‌هایی پر از مشکل زندگی می‌کنند. از دن شان دیگه کتابی ترجمه نشده به فارسی؟

    3. Al!

      این کتاب داستانی تلخ و غم انگیز با محوریت خانواده و ارتباط سرد افراد با یکدیگر است و راوی انسانهایی میباشد که سالهای سال با هم زندگی کرده اند و فقط به شناختی سطحی از یکدیگر رسیده اند گویی که افراد با یکدیگر بیگانه هستند و هویت خود را از دست داده اند :"اگر کسی تو را نشناسد تو دیگر [...]

    4. Erin

      Among the Missing is a collection that reminds me why I dislike short stories as a genre. Characters are introduced, developed, and then the story ends. I enjoyed the collection because it holds together thematically very well. The plot sequence of a disappeared body frames a discussion of how we lose track of ourselves over our lifetime, how we lose connections with those we purport to love.The story “Here’s a Little Something to Remember Me By,” particularly interested me in the way it w [...]

    5. Alena

      I feel so lucky to have stumbled upon this short story collection on the library shelves. I’ve always enjoyed reading Dan Chaon. My Book Club first introduced him to me through the disturbingly thrilling Await Your Reply. I then read the haunting Stay Awake.This collection is less gruesome than either of those reads, but just as compelling. I love best Chaon’s ability to tap into our innermost insecurities for examination. From the insecure widow looking for comfort from an inflatable torso [...]

    6. Amir

      دن چاون با تلفظ گویا دقیق‌تر شاون داستان کوتاهی داره توی این کتاب به اسم پشیمان. یکی از بهترین داستان کوتاه‌هایی که توی عمرم خوندم همینه. فکر کنم برای خیلی از مردهایی که از پدرشون خاطره دارن -حالا چه خوب و چه بد- می‌تونه پر از چیزهایی باشه که باز به یاد بیاره. باز به یاد بیاره ه [...]

    7. Scott Rhee

      "Among the Missing" is Dan Chaon's second collection of short stories and the first book of his I have read. I once read a creepy little story of his called "The Bees" in a contemporary horror anthology. It stood out because of its incredibly disturbing subject matter (spousal abuse) and horrific imagery of a man who literally can't escape his past. The story haunted me for weeks, and thinking about it now, it still does. The stories in this collection are much less horrific, but they still mana [...]

    8. Matt

      2nd reading, 5 years later: Still good! I mostly feel the same way I felt in my previous review. I just got the urge to pick it up and give it a re-read one day, so I did. Some of the same repetitions caught my eye, but a few different ones. Lines like "Something is happening to her" repeat throughout the story, and the meaning I took from that, among the literally missing people in this story (fathers, mothers, children) the most significant loss is the self. None of the main characters in thes [...]

    9. Sandie Buto

      This is my second read of this collection. The first go round, I rated it a 4. I think the stories are just as good but that I am not in the right frame of mind to appreciate them. It does so matter about where you are in life when you read a book. If I were a good reader, would I be able to appreciate good literature no matter what? I found the stories very depressing this time around. As I face a new type of relationship with my now grown up sons, these stories reflect always complicated and u [...]

    10. Christian Lincoln

      Beautifully constructed and well-balanced stories that reach back into the awkward and very scary annals of childhood, from a carefully crafted set of narrators.

    11. Alice Lippart

      This didn't really do it for me, unfortunately. A few stories were good, but overall I didn't think this was anything extraordinary or particularly beautiful - it all felt a bit dull to me.

    12. Joanna

      This is the 39th book that I have read for the 100 Book Challenge this year, and also the best.The blurbs on the back cover alluded to the stories being a bit dark, somewhat edgy, made mention of the way they dwell on the alienation of the current American experience. They sounded, in short, like kind of a downer. It is hard, then, to explain how much pleasure I felt in reading them. I think that Chaon's real strength as a writer is that he connects with something deeply human in his work. Many [...]

    13. Kirstie

      So many reviews to catch up on from my summer reading. I read this one a couple of months ago and just found it again today on a shelf. Dan Chaon writes about people who are lost and have disappeared in this one and gives us glimpses into what it's also like to have someone go missing. It's interesting how Chaon can take such a dark subject and make a sort of sense of it so that it has it's own language and texture. I never really felt as horrified by these stories as I thought I should and that [...]

    14. Tamsen

      This is my third (and last) Dan Chaon book. This is an NBA finalist, and I guess I am missing something - but Dan Chaon is a writer of almosts. He almost nails it in these short stories. He crafts some characters who almost grab me. There are some lines I did like - and I'll add them below - but they're almost perfect. The concepts are there, but he just can't execute them. I like my short story collections to be powerful. There should be one that pushes you to the edge - so that when someone as [...]

    15. Ann Douglas

      A powerful collection of short stories that explores troubled relationships, unresolved grief, and other emotionally charged territory. The images in the story are often grisly and graphic: readers with tender sensibilities, be forewarned. In an author interview at the end of the book, Chaon explains his tendency to go for the image that sticks with you long after you wish it would fade away:"To me, American life itself is often fairly haunted, uncanny, unsettling in both its large events and sm [...]

    16. Dustin Crazy little brown owl

      I love the writing of Dan Chaon. I wish he would write again. His writing style speaks to me with a mysterious connection. I think I enjoyed each of these 12 stories in one way or another. There is a magical quality about the mixture of humor & everyday drama with slight supernatural element - something like another of my favorite authors, Dean Koontz (but Dean has more religion in his writing). My favorite parts are much too numerous to list or choose from. Looking forward to something new [...]

    17. Brenda Pike

      A blurb on the front cover by Lorrie Moore says these stories are funny, but I don't find them so at all. They were too melancholy and disturbing for me. (And if you know my penchant for melancholy, disturbing stories, you know that's saying something.) In an author interview at the back of the book Dan Chaon uses as an example of humor a scene where a child doesn't understand what's going on at a wake and spends the entire time pretending that the yolk of a hard-boiled egg is his eye, while eve [...]

    18. Jake Maguire

      I don't usually give 5 stars here on , especially for collections of short stories - unless of course it's O' Henry or Nabokov, but I'm throwing all respectability to the wind and I'm letting the sappy 5 star flag fly here. So why Dan Chaon?~Because~ I thought the stories opened some hidden recesses from my childhood. I felt like there were strange and ineffable powers at work on my subconscious mind - and I like that quality in a literary work. The existential ambiguity of dream versus unconsci [...]

    19. Lisa

      These stories are amazing. I can't believe I haven't read anything from this writer until now. I feel like it just might be Christmas morning, since I have two others (another short story collection and a novel) lock and loaded on my e-reader. Anybody who grooves on short stories should like this collection. It's darkly comic, at times heartbreaking and always, always haunting. Simply put, reading these stories made me want to write short fiction again.

    20. Alexis

      My mom gave me Dan Chaon's first novel this year, and I loved it. So I decided to read some of his short stories as I felt that his novel was very influenced by the short story form.I recommend this book for anyone who is a lover of short stories. Chaon creates brilliant characters and interesting scenarios with the kind of spare writing that I love. I'd add him to the list of people I consider masters of the short story. Looking forward to his second novel, which comes out this year.

    21. Vivienne Strauss

      Another beautifully written book by Chaon. A strange coincidence that the blurb on the cover was written by Lorrie Moore who I had JUST finished before this one. Between Dan Chaon and Tom Drury I do believe I need a break from the futility and hopelessness of the human condition (especially the mid west condition). Going to take a break and read a few thrillers as escape.

    22. Neil

      One of the best short story collections I've come across. Chaon's style is different, but he reminds me of a weird and creepy Richard Yates, and I doubt the bar called "The Crossroads" in "Big Me" was coincidental. I can't recommend this book enough, but there's nothing humorous in it as some of the reviews I've read have suggested.

    23. Ahmad Sharabiani

      Among the Missing, Dan Chaonعنوان: در ميان گمشدگان مجموعه داستان؛ نویسنده: دن چاون (شاون)؛ مترجم: امیرمهدی حقیقت؛ ویرایش: تحریریه نشر مرکز؛ مشخصات نشر: تهران، نشر مرکز، 1383، در 149 ص، و شش صفحه، شابک: 9643057569؛ این کتاب گزدیده از داستانهای دو مجموعه به نام «پایان، جفت و جور» و «در میان گمشدگان» ا [...]

    24. Anna

      I don't have many coherent thoughts to say, but hugely adored this collection, especially "Big Me." It's creepy and unsettling and odd in a way I admire and can never hope to emulate.

    25. Corny

      I have to say that I found these stories of the Midwest to be uninteresting, almost barren. I am sure this is a minority opinion as this writer is highly thought of, but I felt the stories were pretty much all the same. The father is a drunk or has abandoned the family. The mother is distant, cold or has died when the children were young. The kids are a mixed bag of geeks, dysfunctional addicts or relatively normal. The thought that pervades almost every story is that we don't know what other pe [...]

    26. Scott Brillon

      This is the kind of collection of short stories that just hits you where it hurts. Everyone in it is missing someone. This collection is at turns haunting, unsettling, and utterly fascinating. A stand out story, in my opinion one of the best things ever written, "Here's a Little Something to Remember Me By" a man is haunted by the secret he has been keeping for much of his life about a missing boy who he was once friends with. It raises those specters of the past of which we are never truly free [...]

    27. Neil Pierson

      In each of these short stories, someone is missing--dead, in jail, disappeared, estranged--but still a presence, influencing and distorting the lives of the characters. "Missing" also refers to the feeling of the main characters that they are missing signs and signals that would explain their lives to them.Very well written, sad stories.

    28. Jason Bovberg

      Turns out it's possible to read too many Dan Chaon short stories consecutively. I had just finished the incredible STAY AWAKE and went straight to this one. Mmmm, maybe an error. The tales start to weigh on your soul. These are masterfully written, no question, and relatable to that dark part of your psyche. But I recommend a palate cleanser between Chaon experiences.

    29. D.M. Pulley

      This collection of short stories put Dan Chaon on the literary map and for good reason. Each tale he spins reveals some untouched slice of life that feels at once both real and sublime. Big Me will forever be one of my all time favorites. It cut so close to home it hurt! Well done!

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