Black Bird, Vol. 07

Black Bird Vol Reads R to L Japanese Style T audience There is a world of myth and magic that intersects ours and only a special few can see it Misao Harada is one such person and she wants nothing to do with magi

  • Title: Black Bird, Vol. 07
  • Author: Kanoko Sakurakouji
  • ISBN: 9781421533117
  • Page: 252
  • Format: Paperback
  • Black Bird, Vol. 07

    Reads R to L Japanese Style T audience There is a world of myth and magic that intersects ours, and only a special few can see it Misao Harada is one such person, and she wants nothing to do with magical realms She just wants to have a normal high school life and maybe get a boyfriend But she is the bride of demon prophecy, and her blood grants incredible powers, heReads R to L Japanese Style T audience There is a world of myth and magic that intersects ours, and only a special few can see it Misao Harada is one such person, and she wants nothing to do with magical realms She just wants to have a normal high school life and maybe get a boyfriend But she is the bride of demon prophecy, and her blood grants incredible powers, her flesh immortality Now the demon realm is fighting over the right to her handor her life Misao knows her relationship with Kyo is dangerous, but she s used to being the one in peril Will she be able to stand it when the tables are turned and Kyo is threatened As leader of the tengu clan and boyfriend of the Senka Maiden, Kyo gets a lot of attention in the demon world, and very little of it is good From the wrath of a reincarnated dragon to the hatred of a demon hunter, Misao must face the fact that she isn t the only one at risk in the relationship But how can she just stand by while Kyo is threatened

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    One thought on “Black Bird, Vol. 07

    1. Courtney (Storybook Slayers)

      More reviews at Rondo of a Possible World: YA Book ReviewsI absolutely adore Black Bird! The art, simply delicious. I definitely recommend it to anyone out there over 16. A wonderful shojo that screams yummy male characters through out.

    2. Nidah (SleepDreamWrite)

      Conflicting emotions going on isn't there? This was okay, interesting but okay. Love the green aqua color in the background though.

    3. Leila Anani

      Kyo's been offered the Senka Roku if he will sleep with (and this heal?) the Dragon Lord's daughter. Misao has to work up the courage to voice her objections, but just what kind of vengeance will the dragon clan take? Misao's father brings home a priest who recognises Kyo for what he really is. The fanatical monk tries to separate Misao and Kyo by hypnotising her, and then plans to kill Kyo with his demon slaying sword - as if our star crossed lovers didn't have enough to contend with!Another be [...]

    4. Robyn

      3.5 stars There is NO way Sho's dead. The series is only half done. He's not dead, it's too easy, plus no body was found. The dragon prince shows up to start drama for a few chapters so Misao can cry some more. I feel like she needs to start selling blood popsicle to demons. Enter in Raikoh; a huge believer of pushing his way of life/beliefs on everyone else regardless of opinions. I don't like the guy, but in reality he calls bullshit on Kyo and Misao's relationship. Like you're willingly going [...]

    5. Isabella

      So basically there's this new guy meddling with misao and kyou's relationship just because kyou's a youkai and "that's wrong"This guy is actually doing more harm than good, to the point that Misao ALMOST DIES TWICE due to his meddling. What an asshole.

    6. Nidhi Bhatt

      Shou is dead and I am happy Crazy demons But now he seemed to be saying that he was the one who Misao remembers. Did I get it wrong? So Misao's first love is Shou!!!?

    7. Amanda Setasha Hall

      I liked the addition of some new characters and drama to the overall main relationship. There's comedy and romance and it's overly adorable.

    8. Zoe Tribley

      This review will be the same for all of them-- excluding book seventeen and eighteen-- as I'm going to briefly review books 1-16I've wanted to read this manga for quite some time, and once I started reading it like a few weeks ago. I couldn't stop. Despite what anyone says, I love this manga. I love the artwork. I love the main character's romance. I love the plot line. And I love all of the characters that make up this manga. There's a lot of people who've said that Hime-sama, the main characte [...]

    9. Sevairi

      I'm very slowly becoming less and less of a fan of Misao and Kyo as a couple with every volume. I wasn't very impressed with the previous volume, either.First of all, he's vindictive, obsessive and a bit of an asshole. Misao kisses Sho in the previous volume in order to poison him to help Kyo, and he promptly returns the gesture in this volume by causing Misao to think he's going to cheat on her with the Prince of Kengamine's sister. Then, after Misao learns that Kyo's not going to cheat on her, [...]

    10. Emy

      'Misao is the bride of prophecy whose blood gives power to the demon who claims her. But most demons want to keep her power for themselves - by eating her! Now Misao is just trying to stay alive'In this volume, we're introduced to Raikoh, a human priest who hates demons. Instead of Misao being in danger, this time it's Kyo (for once).Weirdly, the plot arc that seemed to be building in the last volume kind of fizzled out without nothing happening. That was a little bit disappointing. Another disa [...]

    11. MissAnnThrope

      07 February 2013Rating: * * 1/2BWAHAHAHAHAHA!(view spoiler)[Kyo: “I'll make a chocolate banana.” (hide spoiler)]Silly boy!Black Bird, Volume 7 is loaded with heavy make-out sessions and a fair amount of silly humor. This series is beginning to feel redundant and I feel myself getting slightly bored. I can feel something exciting about to happen, but I think I said that a few volumes ago.This volume introduces the first character that I wholeheartedly felt deserved a bitch slap. Raikoh Watana [...]

    12. Sarah Marie

      Black Bird volume 7 by Kanoko Sakurakouji5 starsI love Black Bird; it’s one of my favorite mangas that I’ve ever gotten my hands on. It’s completely captivating and I enjoy every single hot sizzling second between Kyo and Misao. I love Kyo. You can call him a jerk if you want and disagree with me, but I love him and I think he’s sexy too. That’s a bonus… don’t get me wrong he has his jerky moments but I actually find those moments laughable. I want to know who this new guy thinks h [...]

    13. Miss Ryoko

      God, I love this series!!Kyo is really sexy.but what I find interesting is even though he's sexy, I find I'm not attracted to him (I know!! Me, right!?). I think it's because I love him and Misao together so much that I just want him to love her. And when he's sweet with her, I'm totally all "Awwww!" I love it! I love him and I love her and I love them together!!I also love all the other guys of the Daitengu! Especially Taro!!! Squee!! He's so adorable!! I also really love Zenki I'm not sure why [...]

    14. Joti


    15. Laura

      I feel like these synopses get progressively longer than my reviews of the actual manga. Oh well! When we last left our couple, a “dragon” (which I suppose is some super important demon) requested that Kyo make love to his daughter because it would cure her. Misao is torn to pieces over it, of course. Kyo asks her opinion, but she just keeps telling him that she’ll go along with whatever decision he makes. I would be like, “BITCH, NO! THAT’S MY MAN!” To Misao’s credit she does even [...]

    16. Scott

      This volume is a bit out of balance. The first part reads almost like an old Marvel romance, with almost no fantasy content, while the second part is a tale of bigotry against the supernatural. I was disappointed that the subplot about the dragon prince's sister from the previous volume turned out to be a joke with no real ramifications. Of the two backups, the one with Chiharu and Sumire, "Angels,"was quite beautiful,and seemingly only tangentially related to the main story. The other one,"Ice' [...]

    17. Christina

      We all know Kyo and Misao's relationship is deadly, with Misao constantly being injured and Kyo being targeted, but what will Misao do when the tables are turned and it's Kyo in perilous danger this time?The morning after Kyo spends the night at Misao's house, when her father and mother come home they bring a guest. An exorcist (he is a simple friend in their eyes however)!He can see right through Kyo as if he were transparent. And as if harassment wasn't bad enough he threatens to Misao that if [...]

    18. Nicole

      I continue to enjoy this "guilty pleasure" shoujo series. There was actually some nice story progression in this volume. Misao and Kyo have some sweet "domestic" moments, still struggling with the passion they are unable to consummate. And the introduction of a new character - a demon hunter named Raikoh Watanabe - could prove interesting for the continued story in volume 8. Watanabe gives Misao a possible alternative to living a "demon free" life, which could make her question how much of her l [...]

    19. Amy Gideon

      The first of the two specials at the back of this manga was really good. This installment itself was on par with the rest. At least no one tried to rape Misao this time, but she was attacked and nearly killed by demons (again). Kyo and Misao's relationship is still rather messed up and unbalanced. She's also still playing the damsel card. Would really like her to be a little more independent. Maybe there will be one volume where she doesn't need to be rescued?For my full series review on volumes [...]

    20. Andrea

      The Black Bird series has held my attention since I first started reading the volumes last year. It's a great (mature at times) manga, that has the reader wondering if Kyo and Misao will ever get together, because of the Senka Maiden issue. Or if they'll find the rest of the text needed to learn the truth if they ever (innuendo). I really don't want to spoil anything for anyone reading this review, so I'm going to keep it short. I love this series, and in May I'm going to go out and get the nex [...]

    21. Bry

      In this installment of the series I wasn't as impressed with the drama. A new guy was introduced, a human who hates demons and has a sword capable of exorcising them. Only apparently Kyo wouldn't be able to defend himself against this kid because he technically isn't allowed to harm humans. But come on, I think self defense should be allowed. The romance was great though as Kyo and Misao survive yet another test to their relationship. The best part of this series though was the bonus chapters, " [...]

    22. Selena

      Ah, perhaps I'm just getting a little tired of this series. Misao's not a total wimp anymore, and Kyo's slowly becoming more likable, but the plot just seems forced anymore. It's all about, "I wants sexy time but can't haz it!" and "Oh no! New bad guy! If we don't haz sexy time Kyo will get his butt kicked and die but he hasn't yet despite this being the plot of almost half the books!"The bonus story that had nothing to do with anything was probably the best part. I actually wish "Angels" was lo [...]

    23. Jessica

      A stranger now living at Misao's house tries to interfere with Misao and Kyo's relationship, which endangers Misao's life when demons attack the unprotected Senka Maiden. I liked the introduction of a character who is human, can interact with the demonic world and yet has a the exact opposite view of demons and their world. However, if he doesn't grow and remains a fanatic he has the potential to become very irritating. The two little short stories after the main feature were really cute, giving [...]

    24. Sannie Hald

      This is one of my favourite supernatural shōjo mangas! Misao sees somethings that other people can't, and if they could, they would be scared to death! Normally, the monsters would do small harmless things, such as pull her hair or jump on her bac. But on her sixteenth birthday, the creatures take it farther by trying to kill her, as her blood gave improve their lives.However, luckily she's saved by a lost childhood friend who has returned. His name is Kyo Usui, but he has a dark secret too. He [...]

    25. Dani - Perspective of a Writer

      Chapters 26-28. I loved that the who dragon thing was to make Misao jealous because she kissed Sho and because Kyo is jealous. It makes sense to me that another race based upon creatures / devils would be jealous and more earthy. This volume was cut short with an extra Angel Black Bird Gaiiden but they were super cute and I enjoyed themTTOM LINE: Every problem is solved by Kyo rescuing Misao. LOL!

    26. Amanda [Novel Addiction]

      These are getting better and better - more action, more story. Definitely worth reading if you're a fan of this type of thing. I've been out of the manga field for so long, I'm not sure what one might designate Black Bird, but it's good, it's romance-y. And I do think the main girl cries in every single volume, if not even every chapter. That said I still enjoy the heck out of them.

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