Pushback YOUNG AFRICAN AMERICAN LAWYER JIM REED seemingly has it all Recently named a junior partner in an Atlanta law firm Jim is shocked when he stops at his usual gas station and realizes the price of fuel

  • Title: Pushback
  • Author: Alfred Wellnitz
  • ISBN: 9781450234320
  • Page: 189
  • Format: Paperback
  • Pushback

    YOUNG AFRICAN AMERICAN LAWYER JIM REED seemingly has it all Recently named a junior partner in an Atlanta law firm, Jim is shocked when he stops at his usual gas station and realizes the price of fuel has skyrocketed overnight to fifty dollars a gallon It is 2033, and the world as Jim knows it is suddenly spinning wildly out of control Sudden hyperinflation shocks everYOUNG AFRICAN AMERICAN LAWYER JIM REED seemingly has it all Recently named a junior partner in an Atlanta law firm, Jim is shocked when he stops at his usual gas station and realizes the price of fuel has skyrocketed overnight to fifty dollars a gallon It is 2033, and the world as Jim knows it is suddenly spinning wildly out of control Sudden hyperinflation shocks everyone As panic sets in, the value of the dollar plummets and the resulting devastation causes the United States to splinter into several countries, all of which adopt democratic rules except the one in which Jim Reed and girlfriend Linda Alonzo live They find themselves citizens of a country governed by a white supremacist dictatorship Jim Reed joins a group of African American insurgents and finds himself involved in dangerous, bold attacks on Federated States targets The insurrection causes the Federated States government to intern or exile the entire Federated States African American population Reed goes into exile and as he recruits like minded people to join together with the intent to destroy the Federated States Supremacist government, he conceives a plan that may just become the world s greatest act of terrorism.

    • Unlimited Pushback - by Alfred Wellnitz
      189 Alfred Wellnitz

    One thought on “Pushback

    1. Donna

      I WANT MORE What a great book Alfred Wellnitz s Pushback was to read Set in the near future, 2033, the former United States has broken up and parts of the American continent have become extremely dangerous places for many people to live Before long one carefully chosen group of people attempt to right the world around them Very well written, with a great plot and a fabulous buildup to the climax, Pushback gave me everything I want in a good book The deeper into Alfred Wellnitz s novel Pushback t [...]

    2. Mysterium

      The author Mr Wellnitz graciously sent me a copy of this to review Awesome read with many attention gripping segments Frightening how the fantasy theme could so easily happen if the tides changed in the wrong direction in this country as we continue to devalue the price of humanity and human relationships The book has a great underlying social commentary that makes the reader think about just how fragile we are as a nation, especially when divided May this story line always be fiction, and may w [...]

    3. Amy L. Campbell

      Note I won this through the First Reads program Also, this is my second attempt at writing this review, stupid back button.I m willing to give this one a waffle between 1 and 2 stars.The plot was vaguely interesting, but got bogged down with repetitive prose and lost in city sized plot holes I think my point about the prose is best demonstrated with a quote from the book, A means to communicate with all people with authority needed to be developed A message to be communicated to people in author [...]

    4. Rachel Thompson

      I won this book through the First Reads program.I signed up to win this book because I thought the premise sounded interesting At the beginning of the book, the American dollar loses all value, making prices skyrocket and forcing most people into the poor house I liked that idea, but then the US started breaking down, forming into three or four different countries of their own, each with their own government A group of bigoted racists take over the Federated States with help from Russia Things g [...]

    5. Douglas

      In compliance with FTC guidelines, I am disclosing that I received this book free through GoodReads First Reads offers.I d like to start by saying that I really enjoyed this book while I was reading it It was engaging and I had a hard time putting it down at night when it was time to go to sleep which is, in my opinion, the highest compliment you can pay to an author The plot was good, a thinly veiled allegory that made me think about some of the assumptions I have in my own life The premise was [...]

    6. Jolie Kerenick

      I won this as a first reads giveaway I entered to win it because the story line seemed very interesting Although I found that this was true it took a very long time for me to get in to the book to the point that reading it did not feel somewhat like a chore that you anticipate negatively only to find that it wasn t as bad as you thought it would be but nevertheless you don t look forward to it next time About two thirds through I did look forward to reading each time I put it down I think this [...]

    7. Cylia Kamp

      So far I think the idea for the plot is interesting, but I ve not read the entire book The writing seems a little stilted, as though the author has not written a lot Nonetheless I ve lent the book to one of my sons who s really interested in and concerned about what would happen should states secede from the union and the US fall into dis repair Would it or could it be replaced by independent nations made up of one or several former states governed by totalitarian dictators, racists, wild eyed m [...]

    8. Kelly

      The author was kind enough to send me a copy this book I was initially drawn to this book because of the intriguing plot Overall I liked the book The plot was interesting, although I had hoped for some twists and surprises Things seemed to go to smoothly up until the later half of the book when some unexpected twists appear The writing style was a little clunky for me Some things could have been said succinctly Overall though, I enjoyed the book Every time I sat down to read, I read a little b [...]

    9. Kim07076

      I found the plot story very interesting and enjoyed the book Suspense could have been built up better in certain parts.

    10. Marissa

      Kindle Copy WinThis is a story in the not so distant future.We meet an African American lawyer who finds himself in a world of United States is spinning out of control as each state tries to govern for power.He finds himself working with a group of African Americians who are fighting against a white supreme group to save the country.An interesting plot showcasing the dangers of power.

    11. Jennifer

      If dystopian fiction is your kind of thing, consider the second release of PushBack Deficit Triggers Hyperinflation, Terrorism 2014 by Alfred Wellnitz In the midst of economic chaos, the United States of America is helpless against secessionist efforts Atlanta native Jim Reed finds himself living in a tyrannical military state that unapologetically eliminates all opposition, including his longtime girlfriend Now our hero goes underground as John Renner and joins the Freedom Legion, bent on endin [...]

    12. David Richardson

      A good solid book Consistent throughout with no real slow spots A mixture of politics, war, love and hope I received this book for free from the first read giveaway.

    13. Jennifer Hall

      I received this book for free from a giveaway and really enjoyed it The plot was interesting and it left me wanting at the end of the book I want to know what happened next

    14. Elizabeth

      Note I received this book free through the First Read Program.Thank you Alfred Wellnitz his publisher for giving me this book to try I commend Mr Wellnitz for writing a book under the pretense of catastrophe for America and extreme racism in a not distant future It is courageous and admirable to force readers to consider the possibility of overt racism becoming a ruling force in our country That being said, I did not finish the book I believe it is only the third book in my entire life that I ha [...]

    15. Rene

      I own this book.I finished this book and will write a review later It was absolutely wonderful must read 5 Stars.I started this book, then set aside The premise was gas prices increasing over a weekend to 50.00 per gallon This seemed somewhat farfetched Wow Was I wrong With gas prices rising everyday, I started reading this book again I loved the story It takes place in the future, but unlike many futuristic novels, it is definitely believable The story revolves around the United States splittin [...]

    16. WriteKnight

      3.5 of 5 stars Dynamic Thriller with Economic and Political Intrigue I m excited to have won this as a First Read so thanks, Alfred Pushback Deficit Triggers Hyperinflation, Terrorism was unlike anything I ve read before I loved the premise and the dynamic story that carried that out and drew me in It was daring of Alfred Wellnitz to write this story with included a black man as lead character, which you don t see in many stories.The novel starts with a good premise, fulfilled with the plot tha [...]

    17. Jacquelynn Fritz

      I found this book interesting but it did have flaws Jim Reed is a lawyer in Atlanta when the dollar looses it power and inflation skyrockets Suddenly, the United States is no and the states have divided into their own countries The Federated States where Jim lives is taken over by a White Supremacist dictatorship Blacks are allowed to leave and Jim does with hope of overthrowing the new government Some of what the group did to overthrow the government wasn t believable You are given facts but n [...]

    18. Ann

      Although this stories first three chapters leaves the reader a little skeptical, further reading draws you into the story and keeps you reading The genre seems to be futuristic, fantasy, but not sci fi It does make you think about other places in the world that are torn apart by wars, like Yugoslavia and the Soviet Union, and the seperation of our states during the Civil War It seems unimaginable that this could occur today, but that is just what Mr Wellnitz proposes.

    19. Danielle

      I won this book through the First Reads program.I enjoyed this book because of the unique plot and very interesting perspective The idea was innovative and seemed like a topic the character wanted to write about, not a topic he thought would sell I loved the story but I felt like the characters could have been developed than the future time period It is tough to create a future world AND a set of characters which live in it, this is why I gave it 3 5.

    20. Jo

      While I am catching up on my list, it is very slow going Working in a library makes it slower so many books But I promise I ll get to this one I just make no promises as to when.

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