The Last Lecture

The Last Lecture This is Professor Randy Pausch s moving and inspirational book based on his extraordinary last lecture We cannot change the cards we are dealt just how we play the hand

  • Title: The Last Lecture
  • Author: Randy Pausch Jeffrey Zaslow
  • ISBN: 9780340978504
  • Page: 260
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Last Lecture

    This is Professor Randy Pausch s moving and inspirational book based on his extraordinary last lecture We cannot change the cards we are dealt, just how we play the hand.

    • Unlimited The Last Lecture - by Randy Pausch Jeffrey Zaslow
      260 Randy Pausch Jeffrey Zaslow

    One thought on “The Last Lecture

    1. Andrew

      I sat down to write my review of The Last Lecture on Friday July 25th Before I started to write, I decided to check Randy Pausch s website for any updates on his condition He had died that morning at the age of 47 The book, and the lecture itself, now take on new meaning.For those who aren t aware, Randy Pausch was a computer science professor at Carnegie Mellon University The university has a tradition of inviting professors to give a lecture where they pretend that it is their last chance ever [...]

    2. Todd

      My review of this book will not be popular, but I must be honest I m halfway through this book, and although I appreciate a positive voice, it s really not that interesting or helpful If I could sum up this book in three words, they would be yay for me The author tells us how great his childhood was, then that he accomplished all his childhood dreams, got the girl of his dreamsc etc etc It s really not a book how to better your own life, as much as it him telling us how great his life has been Y [...]

    3. Books Ring Mah Bell

      While this man has a 5 star attitude, I can only give the book two yeah, everyone is raving about this guy Five star attitude the author gets diagnosed with terminal cancer He refers to this as an engineering problem understated and true has 3 6 months to live, tops Has 3 small children ages 6 and under who will never know him he was scheduled to give a last lecture , ya know, how to live your life as if you were dying irony and he writes it in such a way that it s a celebration of his life his [...]

    4. Heidi The Hippie Reader

      The Last Lecture is Randy Pausch s last hurrah a final note to the world and his family about how to live, love and let go It is beautiful.I think that we re all here for a reason and have stories to tell How fortunate for us all that Randy had the time and ability to tell his particular story.I recommend this book for fans of memoirs, computer engineering and heart felt narratives I listened to the audiobook and it was excellent.Then, once I finished the book, I looked up Randy s actual last le [...]

    5. William T.

      No doubt Randy Pausch was a nice guy But this book is smarmy, self indulgent crap which is ok given the circumstances under which he gave this lecture But it is not worth reading.This is typical 1980 s individualistic, unreflective advise on how to succeed in life Alas, Professor Pausch does not realize that he was born white, male, middle income, in exactly the time in the 20th century where he could avoid confronting WWI, WWII, the depression, Korea, Vietnam, urban riots of the 1960 s, the civ [...]

    6. Lyn

      The Last Lecture, literally, for a professor with a terminal illness Taken from a speech that he wanted to impart to his students, family, friends, really everyone as he came to grips with his condition.This is about as emotionally charged and spiritually powerful as you may expect, the author is exploring territory that we all face, but he was at the edge of existence when he put this together Randy Pausch was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and had months to live, from this perspective he sha [...]

    7. Beth F.

      I think this was one of those books where knowing the criticisms before starting it ultimately upped my enjoyment factor Randy Pausch, the author, was one of those people who became wildly popular in 2008 thanks to the internet He was a popular professor at Carnegie Mellon and was invited to give a last lecture , a tradition of sorts where a professor is urged to give a specially prepared lecture as though it were the last s he were to ever give And so they are encouraged to break down all the k [...]

    8. Kimberly

      I was first introduced to Mr Pausch while watching the Oprah show in the fall My father in law was in the hospital at the time, fighting melanoma that had metastacized to his lungs Simply stated, I stopped folding clothes and cried so hard during that show Soon after, the emails began to circulate with links to the last lecture on utube and I watched every link I got and cried even I read all the internet articles and was touched every time When I saw the book was coming out, I jumped on board [...]

    9. Lindsay Coppens

      It s hard to criticize a dying man I think this is a great book for his wife, family, children, and friends to read, and although it has some good life lessons that are not revolutionary but do need repeating from time to time, this book is not well written At points while I was reading I found myself actually disliking Pausch and his way of presenting himself, but then I realized that this would perhaps make me a horrible person Maybe I am I very much prefer Tuesdays With Morrie for a similar m [...]

    10. Cara

      THIS BOOK BLEW ME AWAY Yeah I really won t be able to give a coherent review.Suffice to say that this is human beings at their best You might not agree with all of Randy s lessons, but he tells you from the get go that this is what he thinks and he did it all for his kids.Towards the end I cried because there really isn t another word to describe the whole thing but genuine The book was published when he was still alive, but I read it when he had already passed away so it was even heartbreaking [...]

    11. K.D. Absolutely

      I am writing this review with barely 4 hours to go before 2013 I picked this book up to inspire me to face another year I learned about this book when I took our company mandated safety leadership training last month Our corporate safety manager talked highly of this as he related Randy Pausch s very personal experience with what one person s ultimate objective in life, i.e what should really matter to each of us in the training room.For those who are not familiar with this 2008 bestselling book [...]

    12. Amir

      47 6 The break walls in your way are to assess how badly you desire something Instead of complaining, work harder and think for solution Ignore whatever people say, pay attention to what they do It s not how hard you hit, it s how hard you get hit but still keep going And many many

    13. Mickey

      I couldn t bring myself to finish this book Perhaps the author s buildup to the ultimate last lecture raised my expectations too high, but I found myself working hard to try to maintain interest as I plowed through a series of anecdotes and trite observations I suspect I would have enjoyed the book if he had simply written about his work at the university, but I did not feel a connection to the author, despite his obvious courage in the face of a terminal illness I suppose a reader can t help b [...]

    14. Mark

      I m appending this with the review I wrote for my paper post gazette pg 08097 I read this because I am doing continuing coverage on the author, a Carnegie Mellon University professor who is dying of pancreatic cancer and who gave a last lecture that has been viewed on the Web by than 6 million folks.For what it is essentially an expanded version of the lecture about his life story and his advice on how to live a fulfilling life which can all be read in a sitting it is very good.It s highly read [...]

    15. Leslie Jem

      It may be that I am particularly sensitive to certain topics, but I didn t enjoy this book I realize that the author is trying to cram all that he has found to be important in life in 200 pages, which is automatically going to make it seem preachy Maybe it s that I didn t like what he was preaching He spent too much time encouraging people to scale brick walls on the paths to their dreams Then he started describing other people as brick walls and he lost me Sometimes no means no, and boundaries [...]

    16. Corinne

      This book grew out of the desperation of a computer professor, when he discovered that he had terminal cancer, and he wanted absolutely to leave a manual of guidance for his little kids It s this fact about this book that drew me, because, in terms of parental guidance, I haven t been one of the lucky ones.I was surprised by the vividness and vivacity of the writing The pages kept turning as if by themselves, and I was disappointed that the book ran out so soon.Authentic and practical wisdoms th [...]

    17. Tifnie

      WOW This book is right up my alley in my latest favorite reads or movies watched Animal, Plant, Vegetable Barbara Kingslover , Into The Wild movie , and now The Last Lecture.The book is about Randy Pausch, also the author, who is diagnosed with terminal cancer and has 3 6 months to live With that information, he decides to take part in writing a Last Lecture for Carnegie Mellon, where he is a professor After much thought, he decides to write about living About what he is leaving his 3 very young [...]

    18. Fotooh Jarkas

      so many will get the chance to say goodbye,BUT It s never too late to think of the value of your life Randy was trying to tell us that , and he did it in a great way It was than a lecture and it s not fair to write a review about this great work Actually it was an every day s lecture I was completely in , I cried with him and laughed with him, I was amazed by his courage, faith and pride , I liked how he decided to help his wife in raising the kids after his death.he was a great father , husban [...]

    19. Khalid

      I enjoyed watching his last lecture, which was extremely touching, but reading this book was even touching I actually teared up numerous times while reading it.As far as I m concerned, this guy is a hero He was happy, and yet he achieved so much He was diagnosed with cancer, and instead of just letting it put him down, it was a motive for him to leave this last lecture, a lasting legacy.I do recommend that everyone read this book.

    20. Scot

      I will probably burn in hell well, okay, suffer a few extra millenia in purgatory, maybe for only giving this book two stars It s one of the top gift books of 2008, if you didn t yet view The Last Lecture on YouTube you probably heard about it via Oprah or friends or co workers a talented computer science prof at Carnegie Mellon with three adorable little toddlers and a loving wife learns he has pancreatic cancer and about six months to live, so he gives a farewell lecture to his students, his u [...]

    21. tee

      A little bit cocky, irritating and smug but an easy read Quite possibly overhyped I kind of felt like he presented his life lessons as if they were grand revelations, unheard of and earth shattering but I found myself struggling to see the sense in some of them Keep 200 in my wallet With the frequency that I lose my purse and my inability to even keep a 200 float in my bank account not likely to happen Besides, he didn t really follow through with the whole childhood dreams thing I mean, he brag [...]

    22. R.J. Vaccarelli

      Excellent book about how a man dying of cancer approaches the last few months of his life He has a wife and three young children, and wants to leave something for them and his former students to remember him by his Last Lecture His book talks about his thoughts about this and his last few months with his family.

    23. Brian

      I arrived late to the parade sadly, the first I ever heard of Randy Pausch was when his obit ran on CNN late last month The bulk of the story centered around the last lecture that made him famous well beyond the halls of the universities where he taught and in the scientific realm.A few nights later, a guy who took the seat next to me on the train home was reading the book Pausch and Jeffrey Zaslow put out based off his lecture I gave it a few glances out of the corner of my eye and decided it w [...]

    24. Linda

      This was a great book with a lot of poignant insights The best part about it, I feel, is that it led me to think about my own life and the things I value and have experienced And most of all, it gives inspiration to live life fully.

    25. Mia Prasetya

      Kamis kemarin, saya iseng pergi ke gramedia, niat hati sih mau beli Rolling Stone ama M2 edisi terbaru, sekalian cuci mata liat2 buku baru.Cara diet menurut golongan darah Gak menarik The secret bla bla bla Kebanyakan rahasia, males ah The last lecture, pesan terakhir pengidap kanker ganas yang mencuri perhatian dunia Buku apa Kaya pernah tau bapak ini Sepertinya menarik, tergeraklah saya untuk mengambil buku ini, kebetulan ada satu buku yang terbuka bungkusnya lalu saya baca kata pengantarnya d [...]

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