The Shelf Elf

The Shelf Elf Book Details Format Hardcover Publication Date Pages Reading Level Age and Up

  • Title: The Shelf Elf
  • Author: Jackie Mims Hopkins
  • ISBN: 9781932146165
  • Page: 419
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The Shelf Elf

    Book Details Format Hardcover Publication Date 8 30 2004 Pages Reading Level Age 8 and Up

    • Unlimited [Horror Book] à The Shelf Elf - by Jackie Mims Hopkins ↠
      419 Jackie Mims Hopkins
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    One thought on “The Shelf Elf

    1. kaitlyn

      I read this book to K–2 to begin a discussion about the rules in our library. It covered all of the main things I needed to discuss with the students, so it was great to read a page with them and then clarify what the rules are in our library.They loved the story of the shelf elf—the way it begins with the end of the story about the shoemaker and the elves really got them—and they enjoyed looking at all the details in the illustrations. Because there are so many cool little details, it was [...]

    2. Renee

      This is a great book for teaching children about the library. It's really a one on one type of book. Not really great for storytime as the pictures are so intricate you really want to sit with the child to make sure they see the pictures. Fantastic illustrations.

    3. Bethe

      classic book care rules book - read it to K every year, have the bulletin board set and action figures on display in the library. We love Skoob!

    4. Jim

      amazing, detailed, beautiful, clever art. how should you behave in a library as told by one of the elves that made shoes in the fairy tale.

    5. Sam Roberts

      This Book is about a Shelf Elf that works in the public library. He tends to all matters pertaining to library regulations and book rules. His goal is to win an award and teach students the rules of the library. He goes through all the rules that good children should follow while at the library. The major themes of this book are education and fantasy. I thought this book did a good job of present the library rules to young students in a fun filled and positive manner. I recommend this book becau [...]

    6. Shannon

      Ironically, my library's copy had something sticky all over the cover. . . I guess the reader didn't take the lessons to heart! This is a cute way to teach kids how to treat books and behave in a library. I loved the names of the characters (Ms. Paige Turner and Stacks, the Grand Dewey Daddy).

    7. Heidi-Marie

      This is a cute book to teach very young children the way to use and treat a library and its materials. The book is better used in library collections than a book to own at home. But it would be a great read to kindergarteners on their first day of school or trip to the library. Of course, nothing says a parent can't teach children even younger than that the proper way to use a library. My favorite part were the illustrations and all of the tiny book characters throughout the library and bookshel [...]

    8. Joan Oegema

      If you are reading this book to young children, I suggest reading the Elves and the Shoemaker first since The Shelf Elf begins where the Elves and the Shoemaker ends. Rather confusing? Well, try explaining the beginning to a group of kindergartners.This is a good book for introducing proper library rules and procedures but it does get a little long if you want to keep the attention of little ones.All in all, this is a wonderful book. Hopefully my students learn from the book and will be good she [...]

    9. Maria Burel

      The purpose of this book is to use a library shelf elf, Skoob, to teach library rules and care of materials. I personally felt that it came off a little preachy. While I could see using something similar at the start of a school year, or with small children being introduced to the library setting, I think there are better texts that would achieve the same purpose and not make the books seem untouchable, or the libraries as places of silence and “off-limits” to exploring children.

    10. Laura

      Great book for library orientation with the lower grades (k-2). It reviews the expectations for the library and includes some interactive pages (looking for misplaced books). I have an Elf Shelf trophy, and the kids are excited about it. With the popularity of the elf on the shelf at Christmas, the kids relate this book with that, which is great.We now have a Skoob who shows up around the library!

    11. Lesley Looper

      This is a book about good library manners for children. It seems like a good read-aloud book, though in the back of the book it provides a list of things to look out for throughout the book. Other than looking for things on that list, I'm not sure it would be a book I would've checked out for myself as a kid.

    12. Anastasia

      I know this was written 10 years ago, but something about it reminds me of the 1970s. Maybe the art style, a little? It's very cute, though, and I love all the fake book titles. Still, I think The Library Dragon might be a more fun for kids to read regarding library rules. BUT this one also has an I Spy section, which is a lot of fun.

    13. Nielson

      This is the most DARLING book! It is all about Skoob, the shelf elf, and library manners. It teaches in rhyme how to take care of books including using a book marker, a bookmark, keeping books away from food and water etc. What a fun way to teach students how to take care of books! It would be appropriate for all ages!

    14. Mary Simmons

      Perfect book to read aloud to reinforce the importance of keeping library shelves in order. The Shelf Elf works to keep the library shelves straight, and the books in order. Lovely illustrations, and cute rendering of age old library rules that we would love children to follow, I would love to give Shelf Elf awards!

    15. Mandy

      Summary:Now that the shoemaker and his wife don't need the elves anymore, Skoob (books spelled backwards) lives in a library helping straighten and care for the books. He hopes to win the prestigious Golden Shelf Elf Award, and instructs his readers in good library manners and book care to help him earn it.

    16. Teresa Garrett

      I have used this book for several years to teach library manners and book care. Kids like helping read the rhyming advice offered by Skoob the Shelf Elf! I also like having the shelf elf character appear when reading this. There are others in the series but this is my favorite.

    17. Katie Lawrence

      My students love this book! It is a great way to explain library rules without rattling off a long list of "Do Nots". We now have our own shelf elf in our library and the kids love him! A great way to introduce expectations and monitor behavior.

    18. Hillary Flatt

      It was a pretty good book talk about how to take care of books in the library and teaching children library rules along the way. It was in the voice of a little elf. It isn't a story but it is a non-fiction book on taking care of library books.

    19. Andria

      This is the best book out there to explain how a library works and the rules to make the library work. The kids love it as we refer to the book all year long in grades k-2, as well as the songs and activities.

    20. Amanda

      Was looking for The Elf on the Shelf and checked out the wrong book. But I place it here because it's a good book to introduce children to library manners.

    21. Diana

      Purchased this to read to Prep to G4 students at work. Skoob the shelf elf teaches library etiquette and book care.

    22. Amanda

      I'd hoped I could use this for a school visit, but a lot of the rules don't apply to public libraries, and honestly the tone of this is sort of patronizing.

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