The Highlander's Bride

[PDF] Read ↠ The Highlander's Bride : by Michele Sinclair - The Highlander's Bride, The Highlander s Bride BOUND BY DUTY Highland laird Conor McTiernay had always dreamed of an enduring love But the reality of women who desired him only for his title and lands made him swear off marriage forever That is un

  • Title: The Highlander's Bride
  • Author: Michele Sinclair
  • ISBN: 9781420100136
  • Page: 447
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • The Highlander's Bride

    [PDF] Read ↠ The Highlander's Bride : by Michele Sinclair - The Highlander's Bride, The Highlander s Bride BOUND BY DUTY Highland laird Conor McTiernay had always dreamed of an enduring love But the reality of women who desired him only for his title and lands made him swear off marriage forever That is un

    • [PDF] Read ↠ The Highlander's Bride : by Michele Sinclair
      447 Michele Sinclair
    The Highlander's Bride

    One thought on “The Highlander's Bride

    1. Katrina Passick Lumsden

      Why, why did I read this That s not a rhetorical question, I m pleading with one of you to give me some idea why I bothered with this trite, badly written nonsense Right now the only explanation I can offer is that I didn t read the negative reviews before purchasing As for continuing to read it after realizing it was going to be bad, wellI paid for it, I was damn well going to finish it I go into every romance anticipating, nay, expecting some cheese and purple prose, but stumbling onto bad wri [...]

    2. MelissaB

      This was a rough first book by this author She set up interesting characters but the story and plot were not developed well at all The leads constant arguing became tedious as well She must have improved over time because her recent book Christmas Knight was good.I am not recommending this one, the writing was just not good.

    3. Becca

      I m stopping this and marking it as a DNF at 20% I ve read several books by Michele Sinclair and really enjoyed them, but this first book was rough Really rough I was cringing as we are introduced to two perfect characters who fall instantly in love, have stupid arguments, and can only think about getting naked together The writing is repetitive, cheesy, and inconsistent Plus, you jump between character heads from paragraph to paragraph I ll keep going with the series since book 2 was so good, b [...]

    4. Ursula

      2.5 stars.This story was fine but went on too long There was so much detailed description and repetition of it all it kind of slowed the narrative Sweet characters and I love a tough, Scottish laird as much as the next, but it just didn t grab me It lacked dramatic sexual romantic tension It did not need a ton of artificial angst, but it needed something Sure, the heroes were heroic, the villains villainous, and there was some solid historical background, but a bit to much to and fro between her [...]

    5. Anne-Marie

      For some unknown reason, I felt like giving this book a chance It had farely good reviews and the bad ones were written in languages that I did not understand So, I picked it up, read the first page and suddenly had the urge to barf all over the buxom maiden clinging to the Laird The story has potential, but the writing is just plain awful.After 30 pages or so, I was about to give up Every single sentences bothered me Even so, I continued reading, thinking it might improve with time, or this cas [...]

    6. Büşra Bal

      1 Ka r l p,kendisini tutsak eden adamdan ka an g zel k z.2 a ka t vbe etmi klan lideri3 Birbirlerini g r nce hissettikleri yak c arzu,bilmem u ucu ehvet.4 Adam n evlenmeye yana mamas ,k z n evlenmeden olmaz uzak dural m halleri.5 Gene de seni koruyaca m saplant l esas adam n mde resmen birka kitab n kolaj var yani Ayr ca ne o yle daha 50 sayfa olmadan a k ilan etmeler, Hi sevmedim Yaz k parama.

    7. BookLover

      I just couldn t get into this story Didn t really connect with the characters and the story didn t draw me in.

    8. Laura

      This was a really disappointing read Seeing this book had a rating of 3.97 I assumed that it would be good I couldn t have been wrong Talk about being misled To be honest, I really struggled reading it The only reason I finished it was because I paid for it and don t like not finishing a book.This book is about a Conor McTiernay, laird of the McTiernay clan, and Laurel Cordell While on his way back to his castle with his brothers and some of his warriors, he comes across Laurel, dirty and beate [...]

    9. Emily

      Welcome to today s instalment of Emily Explores Sexy Scottish Literature Previously, I read my first non Maya Banks historical highland novel and was pleasantly surprised by it so I decided to jump straight into another one and see if the trend held up spoiler it didn t This rating is actually of a 2.5 stars but I always feel mean rounding down so here we are.I have to admit, there isn t much language wise for me to complain about here I know, usually I spend a whole fucking paragraph ranting a [...]

    10. Zoe

      Reread it and I don t know what I was thinking giving it 4 stars Will have to re write my review at some point I read some 1 star reviews and thought man i would hate this book but it just goes to show that we all relate to stories differently and a 5 star average review doesn t mean it will be a good read every time mental note always dare to try back to the book, I really loved the characters while it is a little odd that the unyielding warrior would pop the my love hearings so early in the st [...]

    11. Kirby Hamann

      i recommend this book for anyone who is into Scottish romances the characters personalities makes them feel real and the events that occur are pretty realistic i had a few good laughs and a few moments where i awwwed this book kept me entertained and i read in less than a day SPOILER ALERT i really liked this book because the relationship that Conor and laurel have isn t all lovey dovey its pretty realistic they get into a lot of arguments to make it seem like a real couple, its still a romantic [...]

    12. MsRomanticReads

      This story was adorable and just what I needed Conor McTiernay, laird of a powerful clan has vowed never to marry Well you know what people say about never saying never Enter Laurel, a bonnie English lass She appears badly beaten and disheveled in the midst of Conor and his brothers on their travel home from their brother Colin s wedding She begs them for help to allow her to go with them Connor is instantly attracted to her and vows his protection and then some cough.Conor was boorish, stubborn [...]

    13. Stacey is Sassy

      Really liked it I love my hearts and flowers and this historical romance did not disappoint A strong Laird with a stubborn closed off heart meets a smart and willful Lady who know what she wants.Michelle Sinclair produced one of my favourite types of heroine Very capable and self reliant, Laurel was fierce when voicing her opinions, challenging when fighting an injustice and conniving when wanting her own way Conor, being the eldest brother and Laird has kept his heart to himself He thinks no wo [...]

    14. Kat Desi

      I almost forgot that I read this book I couldn t recall when I thought the story was just ok, nothing really special The heroine was a bit blah and so was the Hero Won t probably read the rest of the series as I wasn t too keen on this author s style of writing.

    15. Ange

      Not the best highland book I ve read Thought I would read this before I get suck into another fantasy romance series Should have got stuck into Karen Moning series instead

    16. Melinda

      The Highlander s BrideBy Michele SinclairThe McTiernays Book 1This book started out great with the McTiernay brothers traveling through the Lowlands after attending their other brother s wedding They are traveling to the Highlands to their home when they find Laurel Cordell, an English woman, who had been beaten and had escaped from the clutches of one of the McTiernay s enemies, Keith Douglas Keith had stolen her and tried to force her to marry him but she killed him she thinks and escaped para [...]

    17. Historical Romance Online

      First time reader of Michele Sinclair, instantly got me hooked in I enjoyed the wit and good humour in her writing.Enjoyable story and characters I really enjoyed the positiveness of the novel, it didn t have the usual enemies kidnaps or discord And that the hero heroine didn t dance around their feelings for one another.Everyone was supportive of both the hero and heroine which was just so refreshing.A clashing of strong personalities, possessiveness and protectiveness forged a passionate love [...]

    18. Denise

      The plot was good I enjoyed the interaction between Conor and Laurel I even understood some of their misgivings when it came to each other I liked it enough to buy the next in the series to see what happened to the next brother But, what hurt this book s rating for me was the head hopping I usually have no problem with hopping around to other characters to learn what they are thinking I do it myself in my own writing but this author did it so much that I found myself confused and re reading part [...]

    19. Songül

      sko Lordu Connor ile Laurel aras ndaki a k n ok g zel yans t ld bir kitap diyebilirim.Baz yerlerde JG akmas gibi yorumlara sebep olan kitab , ben JG romanlar na benzetemedim bu bana g re ba ta yaftalamakla e de erokumas zevkli,s r kleyici ve ak c bir kitapt.m yerlerinde Laurel in inat l ve fkesi ok g zeldi kesinlikle takip isi olaca m bir yazar e er okumam san z tavsiye ederim imdiden keyifli okumalar

    20. Amanda Sheila

      I loved it Conor is so sweet towards Laurel it made me ache I enjoyed this book, even though it s a bit uncomfortable to read a book that described its heroine perfectly I mean, in the book Laurel s so beautiful and sweet and made people instantly love her There s no such thing as insta love that s why it s a bit ridiculous But overall I loved it and can t wait to purchased the sequel

    21. Barbara Barth

      It s been a long time since I ve read a barn burning romance so I was excited to pick up what appeared to be a highly rated scorcher I thought the storyline was thin A good chunk of the first chapter tells the reader why Conor will never marryConor McTierney lays eyes on Laurel and immediately knew she was the one d it went nowhere from there Tempers flared, they kissed and made up and the story consisted of repeating the sequence with little substance in between.

    22. Susan

      I started reading this book because of where it takes place However, after a couple of chapters I got bored It became too mushy, fight and make up over and over I was wishing action from laurel relatives and description of Scotland.

    23. Lovetoread

      I really enjoyed Michele Sinclair s romance The Highlander s Bride Our hero, Conor McTiernay, is a Scottish chieftain to a very powerful group of various clans in the Highlands He is also know as a confirmed bachelor Our heroine, Laurel Cordell, even though brought up in England has family ties to Scotland on her mother s side While her mother was alive Laurel was able to visit her grandfathers home in Scotland and developed a bond with him After her mother died in child birth, Laurel s father c [...]

    24. Chanel

      This was such a good book I loved the heroine, Laurel She was strong willed and smart She was no damsel in distress.

    25. Dianne

      4.5 StarsThe Highlander s Bride Zebra Debut by Sinclair, MicheleThis is the second novel by this author that I have read and while it didn t capture me as much as The Christmas Knight did, it still stands out as a good example of a historical romance One that has its very steamy interactions, has many humorous moments and has a lot of fiery Scottish fighting and making up This is another of the authors relationship character driven plots and there is a bit of action towards the very end.Conor Mc [...]

    26. Noreen Kellner

      This was a hard one to rate I really enjoyed the strong hero and heroine I loved their chemistry and determination to each be their own person while learning to give and take The characters were well developed and I found myself attached to quite a few of them My biggest problem was the storyline itself got away from the author at a couple of points and drove me crazy trying to figure out why some facts just didn t exist or mesh with the storyline I really enjoyed this book and would have given [...]

    27. HÜLYA

      Isko yal n n Gelini Michele Sinclair Bastan sona kadar b y k bir zevk ile okudum Cok g zel ve tan d k bir hikaye idi Yazar Michele Sinclair Julie Garwood un cok etkisinde kalmis Gelin,D g n kar s m bir hikaye idi Sevdigim bir hikayede olsa diger Koridor yazarlar gibi olmad g kesin Hikaye arp c Lauren Cordell yar Ingiliz yar Isko kan ndan bir asil leydidir Kendisi anne ve babas n kaybettikten sonra Iskocyaya d n p Klan beyi olan b y kbabas n n yan na gitmeye karar verir Ona ceyiz paras vermeye ni [...]

    28. Edwina " I LoveBooks" "Deb"

      JUST OK The Highlander s Bride, was OK for a first bk in the McTiernay Brothers series Conor is the gruff handsome Laird McTiernay who while returning home from his brothers wedding meets up with Laurel,when Laurel stumbles into their camp Laurel has been beaten very badly and has escaped her capture She ask Conor for his help and he and his brothers an warriors instantly pledges to protect Laurel and take her back to his castle.Hear in lies the problem with the story or lack of back story and c [...]

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